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Shripad Katkamwar

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Recent posts by Shripad Katkamwar

Thank you sir.I got the solution for that.I used jquery for that.thank you again sir for you guidance.
5 years ago
Hi everyone,
I am having following code in jsp(Struts).I am using struts-jquery-tag plugin.Autocompleter is working properly but I am not able to see dropdown arrow for this autocompleter due to which I am not able to see whole list by selecting dropdown.
I was using the struts-dojo before struts-jquery-tag but due to IE10 compatibility issue it can't work it please give me a solution asap.
<jq:autocompleter id="auto1" selectBox="true" selectBoxIcon="true" list="%{attributeList}" listKey="attributeId" listValue="attributeName"></jq:autocompleter>
Thanks in advance...
5 years ago
Hi Praveen ,
Try following I hope It will help to you..
6 years ago
Hi karthik,
You need to just add one variable to your action class whose name should be as same as radio button's name and also its getter and setter.
Thats it.You will get a value of radio button.
Thank you..
6 years ago
Hi Richard,
Could you please show me your struts.xml file which will let me to clarify your problem?
6 years ago
Hi sohaib,
Could you please show me your stack trace or top 4-5 line from exception you are having which will let me to identify your problem more accurately.
And I also feel that you are missing a jar,please show me you WEB-INF/lib folder.
Thanks in advance..
6 years ago
Thank You Mr.Joe Ess.
Actually problem has been solved.application was missing asm.jar file.
But thank you again Sir for giving me a valuable guidance.I am new to this community,I hope your guidance will definitely help me in a future.
Have a good day to You and all..
6 years ago
Hi all,
I am doing simple example in struts 2.0 without using maven which only directs to one page other jsp page with the use of annotation but while doing that i am getting a following exception on web page,
"Struts has detected an unhandled exception:
There is no Action mapped for namespace [/] and action name [test] associated with context path [/AnnotationExample]."
------------------------this is my index.jsp code----------------------

--------------------------------------------------this is my action class code----------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------------------------This is my web.xml file---------------------------------------------

please help me..................
thanks lot in advance....

6 years ago
As we all know empty string takes 40 bytes in memory.Could anyone tell me please,how much byte null string takes?
6 years ago
Could anyone please help me about following problem?
In struts 2.0 how to save a file to user preferred location.In short is there any saveDialogBox the kind of thing we do have in swing?
Thanks a lot in advance.
Please help me out.
6 years ago