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Recent posts by Ro Vi

Hi - I know a little bit of Java as a hobbyist, in the form of writing some Servlet/JSP CRUD applications using IBM WSAD from years ago. Those applications still work OK - but for issues like I have been using MS Access as my database, which is no longer supported using Eclipse, unless using UCanAccess on Windows 7/10.
I have been advised to upgrade - and suggested to use Spring.
My struggle is, where do I start? Is "Getting started with Spring Framework: a hands-on guide to begin developing applications using Spring Framework " a good book at that level?
I need a step by step guide to set up the software on my Windows PC, including an environment variables, odbc, etc., then download and install Spring, app server like Tomcat, ideally MS Accessand then write simple apps to use insert, update, etc.
Also, then be able to create a deploy able file like a .war, and host the app on my hosting provider where I have mysql and tomcat 6.
Thanks much!

3 years ago
My old Tomcat Server used to have logging in this format (/logs/catalina.log)
INFO | jvm 1 | 2014/01/05 04:42:35 | Recal Basket

A similar line in a new Server install (Apache Tomcat/5.5.25) shows up as:
Recal Basket

So the columns with INFO, jvm 1, date and time are missing.
What kind of logging set up is required to get these columns back in? I particularly need date and time for log entries generated by "System.out.println".
6 years ago