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Russia, Moscow
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Recent posts by Stal Alexandr

Sergey, thank you for your detail answer.

I am from Moscow, 36 years old. My occupation is supporting Java Enterprise Application (internal enterprise information system of my company).  “De-jure”  I have four years of Java experience,  but de-facto main part of time I do not in coding process  but do lot of garbage work – type letters, insert data into system, help users to find buttons at dialog window or sleep at business meetings
My coding tasks at current job are not difficult, not interesting for me.  My company is not in IT-sphere, so I have no perspectives as developer, that is why I think to change my job  despite I am satisficed current salary.
4 years ago
Congratulations, Sergey!
Last year you was searching a job as java junior developer. What about your success by this way? Did you find a job of your dream?  Does your OCPJP certificate helps you on vacation interview?

I'm planning to search new job on future so far I'm interesting - are certificates really helpful...
4 years ago
I pass OCAJP in 2014 – it was not difficult, so I was going to pass ocpjp immediately and I tried to do it without preparation in 2015. As result I failed (48%) and promised to myself to pass OCPJP in 2016. At October 2016 I have remember my promise and decided to release it before New Year. So far, I had smaller than 3 months for preparing.
OCPJP is much more difficult than OCA. You should know a lot of API, you should deep understand multithreading, exceptions etc., and you should recognize tricks in code;
I used Oracle tutorials, Java Doc, Google and mock tests from
My enthuware results where between 60 and 77%, average 70% My real exam result is 81%
Enthuware  tests are very useful, tests are very near to real exam and just a little more difficult.

And here are some things I was not sure on real exam (approximately from my memory )

1. Given table student with column NAME (uppercase)
Given a peace of code

Will it print names, null or throw Exception? I think it prints names (getString is case insensitive)


Can we say B-has-A ? I think yes, we can;


What is output? My answer was DDD but really it is compilation fail;

4. Given

Now, you move and remove a file to mydir;
Will key poll similar events always in similar order in all operation systems?
I do not know…

Main topics where Threads and Concurrency (AtomicInteger, ExecutorService и Fork/Join ),
it was not at all questions about Concurrency Semaphore, Locker, Exchanger;
2-3 questions where about easy RegExps;
Try with resources is popular topic too;

Next year I'm going to pass ocm enterprise architect  or oce web services;

4 years ago
Thank you Les Morgan!

“In every case A has no objects that have been instantiated, there are variables of reference types, but no object have been created nor assigned”

I supposed it does not matter do we have a instantiate or just a reference variable without instance. In bouth cases I would say “A has object” as it has link to object. Image something like that:

do you think “A has i” is true after A object was created and false then a.lostI() was called?

What if I rewrite my first code and repeat my questions?

1. Is it correct to say "A has a String?" For me, A has a List of Strings, not String!
2. Integer i is private in superclass, so B has not acces to it. Is it correct to say "B has an Integer?"
3. A has C; C has Thread. Is it correct to say A has Thread?
4. A has C; C is Object. So, can I say A has Object? A has Runnable?
Hello world!
I wonder about "has-a is-a" questions, they looks illogical for my brain! Pleas look at this code.

1. Is it correct to say "A has a String?" For me, A has a List of Strings, not String!
2. Integer i is private in superclass, so B has not acces to it. Is it correct to say "B has an Integer?"
3. A has C; C has Thread. Is it correct to say A has Thread?
4. A has C; C is Object. So, can I say A has Object? A has Runnable?

I think it is better to write distanceTo method at one line -

7 years ago

Jesper de Jong wrote:Thanks Campbell, I'm red-green colour-blind but I can see the difference between the red and green in your post just fine (but blue and red is easier!).
In your example your outer class has a member variable that refers to an instance of an inner class, but this is not the same thing as the link that the instance of the inner class has to its containing class. The member variable of the outer class has nothing to do with this link, so setting the member variable to a different instance of the inner class does not change the link that the instance of the inner class has to the instance of its containing class.

Yes, Jesper, now I understand it!
7 years ago
"inner object still refers to its original outer object" and I have no access to change this ref.

Now it is clear for me.

Thanks, Campbell!

7 years ago
Aleksandra, my congratulations!
What is your next step? OCWCD or something else?
My average scores at Enthuware are about 50+% now, hope up it to 60+% and then try pass.
7 years ago
Hello everybody!
I’m learning work with inner classes now and I discovered a surprised (for me) behavior of inner class.
Please, look at my code.

Looks like instances of inner classes continue to remember they ‘old’ outers. Why so on? Is it possible to say inner that now he has ‘new’ outer?
Thanks for help!

7 years ago
Congratulations, Manish.

Do you think it is possible prepere for OCPJP7 per month? I've passed OCA at Jan and I hope pass OCP at Mar or April.
7 years ago

Alexx Petrov wrote:Hello, JavaRanch!
I also have passed OCJP exam.
But I have problem with online form for requesting printed copy of certificate.
There are two field: "State" and "Address2" that must be filled, but I live in a country which doesn't have states and I have only one address.
What to do?
Maybe to copy country name in "State" and "Address1" in "Address2"?

Hi Alex!
Congratulate you!
IMHO State means "Region" ('oblast' in Russian, yeah ;) )
I've written in Address field my adders in English and Addres2 field similar info in Russian. I think it will be printed at letter convert and Addres1 will be useful for US Post Office and Addres2 for Russian Post Office.
7 years ago
Hi friends!

I passed OCA (1z0-803) with 83% score.

I' ve got some experience as Java Programmer – at my job sometime I had to support and to change Java and C++ code. At Christmas Holidays I’ve decided to increase my programmer skills, and certification was a good way to do this.

First of all I' ve re-read B.Ekkel “Thinking in Java” book. It is nice introduction in Java, but it has very little practical examples. Next I’ve read Mala Gupta book. It is excellent exercise book and I advice it to everybody who wants to study Java. It has all necessary theory and practic. I read it with my notebook in hands as I tested almost every example from this book. I tried do not repeat the code but to play with it – to change access modifications, to create extended classes etc. It takes me about 10 days.
Sometime I read this forum.
Last, I bought Enthuware mock. My first trying to get mock test was sad – just 62%. I had to view all my mistakes very closely. The reason of the most part of errors was inattention, some theory I had to lean again. My next attempts where better and better, so my 4th test was 72%. I feel myself tied of preparing (I prepared 2-3 hour every day about a month) and I saw that pass score is just 63% now. So I took a look at last two tests and went to exam.

The exam was not very easy – it had not very difficult puzzles, but it was some traps (call non-static methods from static for example…). A lot of questions where about ArrayList, using switch operator and handing Exceptions.

First hour I was very nervous and worked slowly, so I was afraid I have no time, but I finished everything in time. I was sure that I’ve passed because I feel I answered correctly at main part questions, so, I was not surprised the result – but I it was pleasantly.

Hope to pass OCPJP in this spring.
7 years ago