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Recent posts by J Reddi

Dear freinds I would like to know some details of challenging SCBCD.
I am SCJP and SCWCD ( done in 2002). But since than had not done any java except some PERL. Pl let me know can I handle SCBCD Exam easily and how long it takes by 2-3 hrs per day time. I have only just heard of EJBS and nothing else. Your suggestions are gretely appreciated. Does it help in job market??? pl suggest me some bokks too. TIA

Dear folks,
I am a novice with respect to LINUX.
J just started learning linux.
I want to challenge the Linux certification.
But donot know how to go about.
Pl advice me regarding:
the certicification tests (the easiest one is better for me)
certification books to read
Linux certificationwebsites etc
Sun Certified Java Programmer,
Sun Certified Web Component Developer
IBM Certifeid DB2 database Administrator
20 years ago
Subject: IBMs-- - DB2 Database Administration test (513).
Couple of weeks back I completed the pre requisite (512- DB2 Database Fundamentals and SQL).
Today I passed the second parti.e., DB2 Database Admin test (513- DB2 Database Administration).
I felt 513 was little more tougher. They asked lot more questions. I got 65% (55% is the pass).
For 513 exam I read the following books:
All in One DB2 Admistration Exam Guide
by Roger E. Sanders (McGrawHill/Osborne)
DB2 UDB Database 7.1 Database Adminstration Certification Guide
by G. Baklarz and Bill Wong (IBM)
J. Reddi.
IBM Certified Specialist (DB2 UDB 7.1 User)
IBM Certifed Solutions Expert (DB2 UDB Database Administration)
Hi Sayeed,
Is there any prerquisite/s for Microsoft #C.net certification???
J. Reddi,
Dear ranchers,
So for I could not find any (excellent) sites for DB2 preparations like JAVA RANCH.

Today I cleared 512 exam(DB2 UDB Family Fundamentals).
I scored 73%.
I read:
DB2 UDB v7.1 Database Adminstration Certification Guide: George Baklarz/Bill Wong
DB2 Fundamentals Certification for Dumies: Paul C. Zikopoulos et.al
ADVICE NEEDED ON DB2 513(DB2 Database Adminstration) Exam:
How does 513 compares with 512 in terms of toughness?
Any sites/Mock tests available for 513 exam ???.
Advice will be greatly appreciated.
J. Reddi
Sun Certified Java Programmer
Sun Certified Web Component Developer
Cleared IBMs DB2 UDB Fundamentals test(512)
Thanks for sharing your expertise with us.
I would like to know the market value and job potential of getting XML cert.
Any ideas
Thnaks in advance
J. Reddi
SCJP for Java2 platform
SCWCD for J2EE platform
Subject: Which certs to target,
how long it is going to take?
Dear Friends,
I am in career transition.looking for IT work .
My priority is to obtain some certs quickly/easily which are going to help me in finding work.
I am looking for only the certs with multiple chice questions(not projects to finish like SCJD- Java Developer)
I am reading on this site about lot of numbers like 156, 483, 486 etc. I have no idea regarding their market value.
Please advice reagrding difficulty and market demand. Thanks in Advance for your Advice
J. Reddi
Sun Certified Java Programmer
Sun Certified Web Component Developer
Today , I got SCWCD certication. I got 52 questions right out of 59. That gave me 88%. I did not have any Servlet/JSP backgorund. The exam was much easier than SCJP exam and was much easier than I was worrying. But donot underestimate the exam. You should get a clear grasp of all the concepts. Some questions are really subtle.
I got my SCJP cert couple of months back and was wondering what is the next step in job search(in finding IT work). Fortunately I read Umair's article of Dawn(daily news paper form Karachi, Pakistan)(reposted on java ranch couple of weeks back). My thanks to jaguar for his inspiring article on SCWCD). That made the ball rolling. Previously, I was toying with the idea of SCJD test. I changed my mind after reading Umair's article.
I had some java project development experience with VisualAge for Java. But I had no idea about JSP, Servlets, JavaBeans etc.
I started reading Marty HAll's CORE SERVlets/JSP.. book and
Dustin R. Callway's inside Servlets: serverside programming for the java platofrm(excellent easy to understand book on servlets for the novices).
But serious preparation began during past 30 days after the publication of two cert books(Sybex, Manning). Based on my experience the below given resources will be sufficient for newbies(people with no real JSP/Servlet project experience) for confidently challenging the test.
*************** THE 8 RESOURCES *****************
These resources will be suffice for the newbies(people with SCJP and without any project expertise in Servlets/JSP/Tag libs):
By hind sight, in my openion these resources will be suffice for SCWCD aspirants. Ofcourse, if you have time/patience you can consult more. But these will be suffice to confidentially challenge the test.
1.SCWCD exam study kit- - H. Deshmukh (Manning): a must
I cannot express my thanks to Deshmukh. It has saved my time and frustations. He had written a great book for SCWCD aspirants. The book is very pleasant to read. I was unable to stop reading, once I got the book. The book gave me the confidence that, I can challenge the test easily.
I consider that it is really a marvellous resource. It will not be an exageration if I say that you can challenge the test with this book alone (plus servlets/JSP: API/specs).
2. Java2 Web certification study guide- -Natalie Levi :
Compliments the mannnings book. Can be used as a complementory book for the resource 1( i.e manning's book).
Got nearly ~400 questions. My 40$ spent on it was worth (in my openion). Answers for 300 questions are well explained. In fact , questions are little more challenging/tougher than Deshmukh's book. Glossary is really superb, I loved it. Thanks for that excellent glossay, Natalie!
But, as you are aware that this book got lot of typos/errors. But in my openion, if you have no prior project experience of JSP/Servlets, the book is good.
3. More servlets/JSPs--Marty Hall:

Got excllent online copyable code. I read chapter 5 (Controlling web application behavior with web.xml). can be used for code(Cut and paste). You should practise some code with tomcat.
4.Servlet API
read them(re-read them) regulary and throughly.
6.Servlet 2.3 specs
(available from javaranch hyperlinks)
7. JSP 1.2 specs
(available from java ranch hyperlinks)
donot neglect these specs, after all they are the Sun's specs. They will help you in ansering subtle questions. Read them only after understanding Deshmuk's book throughly, otherwise you will be get lost.
8. Ofcourse mocktests and other resources from Java ranch
After you have read/throughly understood the above resources, you will be getting a sort of feeling that you are ready. TAke the mock tests.
Manning book comes with 3 JWeb+ tests of 150 questions, with excellent answers. If you can score 80-90% on these mock teststs, you are ready to take the real test.
The real test, I got was much easier than JWeb+ testes/ Edwardo Cobian test /Mika Hirvasojas test(last two tests you can access from java rach SCWCD links).
Thanks to mika Hirvasoja, she got 100 excellent questions with user friendly interface(you can cheek the answers/explanations rightaway)
I strongly recommend that you should redo the tests and throughly grasp the explanations. The more the merrier.
Many thanks to javaranch for such an excellent forum. Without javaranch , it should have taken more time for me to get certified. Thanks to ranchers, posters for sharing their real world expertise.
J. Reddi
Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP).
Of course,
Sun Certified Web Component Developer(SCWCD).
SUBJECT: The manning SCWCD exam study kit on Page 38:
It lists 3 header methods of HttpServletRequest
as below:
1. getHeader(...)
2. getHerderValues(...)
3. getHeaderNames()
But the Servlet API 2.3 has the below methods
1. getHeader(...)
2. getHerdes(...)
3. getHeaderNames()
That means getHeaderValues(..) method mentioned in the Manning/Deshmukh book is a typo?
AM I correct???
REsponses appreciated TIA
J. Reddi
Natalie book Java Web developers certification Guide
Marty Hall's twobooks(Core servlets & Java server pages
More servlets & Java server pages .
I read a readers review at amazon.com about Marty's (More servlets) book and reader said that is the book all you need to pass the exam. Elated by the comment on the book, I Went to the shop and the shop has only Core servlets book of Martys. Brought it Read it. Of course core servlets doesnot have any chapters on application deployment and web.xml.
I felt it is not enough. Later I brought Moreservlets book. First 3 chapters are repetitions (in brief of Corebook).
4th chpter is on Webapplication deployment and 5th chapter on managing webapps through web.xml file.
Read the both chapters and got something vague (not enough for the exam). 7th/8th chapters deal in depth about programmatic and declarative secruity. And you donot need that depth for SCWCD exam. Therefore I felt I was stuck.
I got Natalie book and book is fousssed and I am confident about answering question regarding depolyment architecture and web.xml elements now.
I should have never got that confidence with Marty's book even if I have read few times. With Martys book, you have lots to do to figure it out what is need to be culled for the exam. After good foundation from Natalies book, Now I feel I may be profited from Marty's Moreservlets book.
Marty's two books are good for the developers. They have excellent code support, good guidelines in taomcat installations etc. It is undoubtedly a great book. They serve totally different needs and requirements. I want read them thorughly after passing the SCWCD exam.

I felt that what I need is Natalie book. If you just read this book only you will be better off in tackling the exam.
Nataliebook, Yes there are mistakes. I did not like the mistakes either. Remeber the book was written hastily for the SCWCD market. It was the first book for SCWCD cert preparation (Mannings came 30 days later). If you are a SCWCD stuff, definetely you should be able to spot them(otherwise you will not be writing the test yet).
I feel that it/Natalie book was worth of my money. Each chapter has excellent questions(15 question in each chapter) and natalie did good job in those questions. I definetely recommend this book.
It gives you focus and that is what to read for the exam. You donot want be spending months in reading 6 books and not targeted , right?
Marty's book serves totally a different purpose. Just reading Marty's book I should have not picked up much for the exam, frankley speaking.
That is my openion, anyway. I donot think the book was waste.
SO make your own judgement based on your needs and goals when you plan to buy a book. If you have been a JSP/Servlet programmer for 1 to 2 yrs that is a different story.
just donot go by others comments on any book. I donot say that other's comments are wrong, but what I am trying to say is put them in the context of commentators expertise, skills etc.
Natalie book may not be great in one's openion, but for the begenner and aspirants of SCWCD , I definetely recommend it.
Meanwhile I ordered Manning's book too. I will write my detailed comments later.
IF you need to buy only on or two books buy cert guides like Natalie and HAnmanth(Manning) first .
Hope this helps the novices and newbies.
J. Reddi
The score was good too!
J. Reddi
YES: SYBEX book is published.
I ordered through Amazon.com (on 18/june/2002) and reminded them that book was published on 15/june/2002.
Today(27/june/2002) I got a message from Amazon saying that they got the shipments and they have lots of pending orders and orders will be shipped as first come first bases. They said that it may take few days for the shipments to finish
J. REddi
Thanks for investing lot of time in helping SCWCD aspirants
J. Reddi
We will be looking forward for your notes soon and detailed messaage for SCWCD aspirants
J. Reddi
HI RAjeev,
I had lot problems and finally got them fixed.
I suggest that you delete your Tomcat and jdk and start over again.
I found excellent help at Marty HAll's www.moreservlets.com and the actaul link is :
1. Print the entire (14 page) configaration tutorial and have it as a hard copy in front of you. That will save you lot of headaches.
2.I down loaded Tomcat 4 and jdk 1.3.1 from the above site.
3. Just follw the guidelines in the tutorial.
I am using windows 98, Tomcat 4, jdk1.3.1 and my AUTOEXEC.BAT looks like this
rem *** DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE! ***
rem This file was created by the System Configuration Utility as
rem a placeholder for your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. Your actual
rem AUTOEXEC.BAT file has been saved under the name AUTOEXEC.TSH.
SET PATH=C:\jdk1.3.1\BIN
SET JAVA_HOME=C:\jdk1.3.1
SET CLASSPATH=.;C:\ServletDevel;C:\tomcat4\common\lib\servlet.jar
Hope this will help you.
J. Reddi