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Agustin Bernal

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since Feb 17, 2014
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Hi All

Can anybody help me on below problem

I want to know how to submit the assignment in pearsonvue.

I have submited my assignmet in pearsonvue by clicking "continue exam" button and uploaded the exam.

After uploading the exam a screen appeared saying "your assignment upload was successfull"

But when i go to register for essay exam it wont allow me to register it says i have to submit 1Z0-865 before registering for this exam.

if i view my current acitivity it is still showing me "continue exam" button. If i again click on this button it gives me the screen which says "your assignment upload was successfull". If i view the details it shows me inProgress status.

Can you please help on this. Is this a batch process which will get updated after some time. or why i am not able to register for 866

Please help
hi Tarang..

Did you do something special to be able to register the exam. How long do you have to wait of register. I'am facing the same problem.