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Thank you Elizabeth for the detailed response, I'll try your advices, Requirejs seems also really interesting.

Let me answer you from my personal experience.

I first learnt a bit of python. Python is easy to learn and fun to use (Intro to Computer Science on Udacity is a great ressource). However, the moment you want to do a graphical game, or an app, (AFAIK) then you need to use toolkits (Pygame or WXpython).

The great thing with Javascript is that it's easy to learn (comparable to Python in my opinion), but then you can rely on HTML and CSS to give life to your ideas, which is really great and empowering.

Also, my feeling is that more and more stuff can be done in javascript (Firefox OS and Chrome OS use JS for their apps, Node.js for servers, you can even convert Chrome apps with Cordova to let them run on iOS and Android devices).

One last point, lots of people have developped JS libraries for you to use (three.js for 3D or pixi.js for game development).

The ecosystem is brimming with life and it's great!
Reading HeadFirst Javascript Programming gave me lot of ideas for future projects. I then began working on a Chrome app for my kids (a JS app to let them practice additions and subtractions).

However, the more code I add to my JS script file, the harder it gets to maintain (in fact, it's a total mess).

Do you have any suggestions or best practices to follow in such cases? Should I split my script in multiple files, sort my functions alphabetically or name my functions in standard ways?

Thanks in advance,