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Recent posts by Victor Pan is one start-up company invested by eBay, and it's in eBay Classified Group.

We started in March 1st, 2005, and now we have a big C2C classified site with one billion page view every month, and 300 million ads. If you want to learn more, please try using it:

Why work in

1. We are a small team with talents
a. Keep strong growth with only 1/10 of employees of competitors
b. 1 million RMB revenue per employee in last year
c. High pressure, Fast growth and High return

2. We also have big global company's benefit)
a. We are sharing with classified experience globally, half of our employees have business trips to U.S. or Europe
b. We have leveling and performance reviewing system, good work, good pay
c. We are in Xujiahui CBD with Convenient traffic, and metrical lines 1#, 9#, 10# are nearby
d. For employees who need relocate, we will pay two month's house rent fee, and after that we have allowance for house renting too
e. We have free breakfast, fruit every day, and we have many kinds of sports like basketball, badminton, travel etc.

Here is jobs opening:

* Software Engineer(PHP):
* Software Engineer (PHP) - Intern:
* Software Engineer(Anti-spam):
* Software Engineer(Data Warehouse):
* Software Engineer(Architect):
12 years ago
Sorry for the late reply.

Now there are tow positions for JAVA Devloper.
One is for China local, Chinese Mandarin is required.
The other one is for U.S., Working in eBay China Development Center for Kijiji APAC feature, English is required.

16 years ago

Originally posted by qwert yuiop:
Am I fit the job?
Certificated SCJP 1.4 ,bachelor of computing science,one year working experience,Shanghainess.
How about the payment and welfare you company offered?

Please send resume to me, payment and welfare depend on your experience and capability.
16 years ago
We do have kijiji india site. But now this position is based on Shanghai China, and we will also provide supporting for India.

Maybe in the near future, jobs in India will open.
16 years ago
About kijiji

Kijiji was launched in 2005 to create a venue where a whole community could meet and help each other. Our members come to our community to find a home, get a job, share their interests with friends, invite the public to an event, find an item they were looking for, or even to offer a gift.
The word � Kijiji � means � village � in Swahili. We chose this name with the hope of recreating the atmosphere of a village within each community. The Internet has done wonders to connect people from different horizons and to help ideas travel. But what about creating a sense of belonging to a community in your own city? We would like to fuel the feeling that your community can also become a village where each one joins efforts and helps each other out.
Kijiji is a startup company created within eBay by a small team of entrepreneurial employees. We hope we�ll have the pleasure to read your comments very soon!

Kijiji is a global platform, but we found that commnity in Asia, especially in China is different, and we are seeking talents to building our community for China.This job is located in Shanghai, China and will provide supporting on China and Asia product.

Are you the guy who we are looking for?
Whatever speciality, but your are
1. a pure-hearted, open people.
2. Familiar with JAVA especially web skills including JSP/Servlet, XML, AJAX etc. Want to develop yourself by learning more skills.
3. Have your personal ideas about internet.
4. Believe that creation is art and happy thing.
5. Need buddies with same target.
6. Need personal environment.

If you think that you are exactly the guy we are looking for, please send your resume (including Chinese and English version) to me ( ) For more details, pleaser refer this link:

Victor Pan
Product Manager of Kijiji China
Kijiji China
[ January 15, 2006: Message edited by: Victor Pan ]
16 years ago
Passed too!
Thank you, all ranchers!
Hi Joyce,
Thank you very much!
It's really helpful to me.
Hi guys, I am preparing for SCJP5.0 Beta Exam wanna take the exam in the next week.
I believe that there must be somebody who has take this exam.
Could you give us some comments or suggestion about the exam.
We will appreciate such kindly help. Thank you very much.
Thanks guys here, you are all nice people.
Without you, I can't finish my exam today.

Originally posted by janapareddy ravindra:

I called up prometric and scheduled the exam for 7th Feb though my voucher expiration date says '6th Feb'. I hope that it is accepted for evaluation.

Me, too. I hope it doesn't matter.
Could anyone give a exact answer whether I am making a big mistake?
I want know all these too.
Could anybody helps us.

You'd better wash your mouth first!
Oh!My god!
Then I must delete all my codes. Is that true?
But how SUN knows that?