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Based in the Netherlands, I am Italian, this is not my real name, but similar.
Like Running, Bach, Plato, History, Football, Green tea, Statistics.

Android/Java/Python/Machine Learning
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Recent posts by Giovanni Montano

Tim Moores wrote:It was always possible to use Java code in Flutter apps; why should it not be possible to use Kotlin as well, or why should that be new? A quick search brings up many writeups on this very topic, like,, and

I am busy with this subject because want to convince my lead to move to flutter instead to have two separate swift kotlin code bases  or using Kotlin multiplatform. Is true that was always possible to use in native, then also that there is the channel possibility to access to native code, but was a painful process. Still today there are some limitations, I heard from not official voices that the google team should come up around december with a more official plugin to make the implementation process easier. I am quite a fan of this platform, and I am optimistic about his future adoption.
3 months ago

Thushan Ganegedara wrote:Hi Giovanni,

Yes, that's one of the pain points of TensorFlow; lack of backward compatibility. Unfortunately, the only way is to roll up our sleeves and deal with it.

There is some support for doing this migration but I don't think it's a one-stop solution for all problems.

I see thanks was really useful

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Today is the centenary of women getting the vote in UK, but not all of them; on the same day all men over twenty‑one with a few exceptions, e.g. those incarcerated, got the vote too. Strange to think we need such an anniversary; even when I was young I took it for granted that all adults vote.

Not quite a snakepit subject, and not quite an MD subject, sort of half‑and‑half.

In these days I bumped into a book that offers criticism to Freud is called psychoanalysis and women, a collective gathering of academic views on the subject . Actually I read it because is a critic to Freud, but I am half way now and it changed my opinion about how is important for the society that women have equal rights. Actually according to most of his authors the neuroticism in this society is heavily due to the role subordinate of the women. Well it was written in 1970, is a bit anachronistic because today the society is much more equalitarian, but still opened my eye on how is essential for the evolution and well being of the society a less unconscious individual burden on these kind of topics.
3 months ago
it looks as a fantastic topic, and I M really enjoying the structure of the book, and the introduction available on line.
A small remark: for what concern linear algebra foundations there is a book called math from Programmers from the excellent Manning editions as well, and it covers the basic of linear algebra, could be a good introduction if a bit rust with vectors and matrix, even because gives some math example in python and slightly introduce data science, anyway all the spotlight on this fantastic book from Thushan and his exciting chapters
Somebody playing with flutter plugin in Android? I really enjoy dart/flutter stack, and is production ready, now is possible to implement in Android kotlin code, do you have some experience to share at this regard?
3 months ago
Hi I did an hackathon building in one day a chatbot using tensor flow, the tutorial I followed was with TF 1.0 and could not apply TF 2.0. I do not get why being such an important library is not retroompatible, but to learn I needed to downgrade the library for such an easy use case.

Monica Shiralkar wrote:I read that data structures in Java include Stacks , Queues. How is it decided whether a particular member of collections interface is a data structure or not. Thanks

I see you want to understand why are used and asked in the interviews?
Imagine you have a class  called Monica that has a name and age variables. or an array.
Your family say hey Monica to book the flight we need your name and age, and also of your husband and your 3 children.
So you will create a kind of mini database(that is not a real database), where you can store these informations while you need , and when somebody will ask you I do not get your husband age, you are going to get from the list the name of your husband only. A data structure is where more than one item is stored but usually not in a database but in the scope of your program.
You have List, arrayList HashMap and so on, why `you should use one instead of another? Because if you should have one million of items the choice of one instead of another will have a big performance effect, so in general every data structure serves a purpose.
Secondary they are asked in the interview because they are build with algorithms, a concept advanced that help you to solve problems. For instance if you need from a list to take only the age you need  the program will have to go trough  the list and find the particular item you need. This look easy but in reality MR  List class to do this in the proper way is going to do a lot of work for you, is going to load the list of names, see in which position have to go, take what is inside that LIST at that specific position and come back to you.

Knowing algorithms and data structures is not essential to build the majority of the programs because there has been already somebody that thought about this, usually the language you use has data structures. but knowing data structures, algorithms and also design patterns is what will make you a competent developer, and also you will be able to write your self the building block you need if your use case is not common, and finally you will be better in general to write the code because you know what miss machine needs to execute her orders, well almost because miss machine has an unconscious formed by bytes sequences, but this is another fantastic adventure
4 months ago
Reflection what a great feature! as far as I know is quite slow as counterside because the compiler cannot optimise all the operation
4 months ago
I understand now about declarative as an abstract concept, I am getting more and more into the file rouge that link all the code methodologies, there is a common thread indeed in the thought of the pc pioneers, anyway I see more and more the resemblances across different declarative languages, final variables to encourage immutability, and a flow feeling with code that goes from a mutation to another(map usually) are the first indicators to me. Still functional does not make any sense to me, as I reckon that Object Oriented is functional.
Nice to learn about Anthony Fokker, really interesting for me, still a lot to learn for me about habits of Dutch people.  Koln is really cosy and really close to the Netherlands. Yeah Italians abroad live of stereotypes. I found some really beautiful Dutch restaurants, not too mention that you can find really good products in the supermarkets, and you can taste every kind of international flavor in North Holland, also Italian cuisine in the last 10 years is improved a lot for my really picky standards.

OK please show me the stack trace for the call
9 months ago

Claud Mann wrote:
Can anyone explain me the difference between an interface and its implementation, and, being more spefic:
what is an implementation of an interface?

As you are studying Collections I understand your doubts, and I suggest you to read a book recommended by almost everybody on this forum "effective Java" is an advanced book but explain really well the way Collection interface work.
It has some layer of complexity, my suggestion is you focus on the concept you ask before, and as you ask

An interface is a contract, means if you have a class Dog, a class Cat, and a class Duck, to be sure that they are going to emit Sound, you are going to implement the Interface Sound with maybe the method makeSound.
Class Dog, Cat and Duck are going to implement, they did a contract, this means that you are "usually" obliged to implement the method makeSound in Dog, Cat, Duck.  and so Dog will implement this makeSound method, focussing on barking, and so on!  Is not that fantastic? You will never forget you have to furnish this functionality because you did a contract.
The advantages of this contract are a lot, the most evident is that in the future if the Cat will emit another sound, because you are in a zoo and you have a special cat,  you will need to make minimal changes. This is the gold principle "encapsulate what varies", you are going to have less problem to make change at the code.

This is just the surface because interface is the butt and bread of something called Design Patterns, that means the expert guys noticed there are some recurring problems in programming and offered and collected some genial solutions that you can apply when a certain use case will show up

So you can use things as the strategy pattern for instance, and you will have your code much more decoupled, testable, closed for modification but open for extensions, will be more easy to use advanced concept as dependency injection, and you will implement new features in a much more "clean" way, less bug prone.

Another huge advantage is that interfaces can be tested really easy, also, they can be used to move information between classes with the so called callbacks, and much more.

9 months ago
I suggest you to not use AsyncTask is deprecated. I suggest also to click yourself the link you sent? You get a 401 error because you need to register to the api, try to use github as API that is free and you do not need to register, or if is important for you to use a weather API you should register, or even  pay if required
9 months ago
Nice you are acquainted with this fabulous country, I am currently living in Haarlem, that I get a daughter so needed a bigger house leaving Amsterdam, is really relaxing the pace of life, and it looks like to be into a medieval city sometimes, the stores look vintage, and with a mechanical racing bike is such a pleasure to visit the places you mentions. With the change of climate is really nice, and get dark really late on the evening.

Yes this linguistic expression is fantastic. I am Italian quite dramatic as the stereotype, and I work in a Dutch company in the most Dutch city, where drama is seen in a strange way. Dutch from North Holland say:  doe maar normal dat is gek genoeg, basically act normally because acting normally is crazy enough.

So really often they use with me this expression basically "you are seeing a thunderstorm in a couple of water", namely you are over reacting to the problem. I really love Dutch Calvinistic culture and we have a lot of fun patronizing each other in a nice way.

These are my activities:

Coding: Flutter with Dart

Sport Watching Substitute: As there is not football, I am investing in the stock exchange market, to get some adrenaline

New Hobbies: Cooking, Seeing Old movies, playing even more with Linux

Things I would like to do I do not do: buying old vinyl LP, yoga, starting a business

9 months ago