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Recent posts by Rachna Chaturvedi

Thanks Mark, but i am still a bit nervous. , hopefully it will as easy as you said.
I will do the search as suggested , & 1 or 2 query post on this forum if need me .
Thanks again
Please advise where i can find some information for the written exam for Developer .
What kind of preparation is needed for this , what kind and how many questions can be expected

THanks all valualble feedback , It has helped . And hope i pass after all this
Thanks Mark, can you please answer another two question for me
- Should a transaction report be given to the user as well, logging all his interactions with GUI ??
- Do we need to indicate how they can test the datbase locking mechanism ??? or the testers have a stub they can use to test this functionality ?? I mean how do they know databsae locking works ???
- Are scripts to start and stop needed both in .bat and .ksh forms ???
I am actually planning to upload it in the next week and am having last minutes jitters
Thanks again
Hi ,
Is it expected to write error messages to a log file , or is it just enough to chain the exception and give a message to the user ???
what level of error logging is expected ???

Hi ,
what is the difference between the Security Manager and POlicy file, ???
Is there a relation between the two , i.e when we specify the Secirity MAnager, does it use the policy file . please explain this , as i am stuck :roll:
Hi Micheal and Mark,
Thanks for your suggestion.
I have realised that i am better of changing the design and code of connection and ConnectionManager. I now have the design clear in my mind
. But it is indeed a tricky one
Thankyou both
Hi Micheal, Thanks for your repsonse, but in my case i do not use separate connections .

I will try the search and get back ., THanks again
Hi , i am going mad trying to find a way to assign the client id for my remote conenction,
can someone advise
HI, i want to thankyou all for making me understand that the client id is needed because the requirements
BUt i am yet to understand how this is to be implemented.
This is a very helpful site,I would like to suggest something for improving the efficiency of this site :
Can there be someway to divide up the posts in Developer Certification into categories like "Lock/Unlock", "Search Criteria", "Exception HAndling", etc. This can also prevent the repetition of questions over and over , i.e Lock Manager .
Hello all,
I have implemented my Lock Manager in the following way and am confused after reading a few posts here on the same topic.
My Lock Manager does not use a client id to lock records. The RemoteConnection Object is a singleton and each client gets a refrence of the same object.
The Lock Manager holds a HAshMap of LockedRecords and has a static method that creates the Record Object and returns it back to to the client. The Records Object has a boolean flag to indicate the status of Lock or unlock for each Record.
The whole sequence of lock/unlock is managed in the following way:
Client A - lock(27)
Client B - lock(27)
// waits

Client A - //do all modifications
Client B - //do all moidifications

I have no where used or felt the need to use a client Id.??
Can someone help me in identifying where the fault is in my code and how/why/when clientid is needed.
I have looked at so many post on this topic and it only adds to my confusion.
Thanks for the help in advance
Hi all,
which is a better Object oriented design - have Inner classes or methods ., if the same result can be obtained using either of the ways .
I have come up with this query while i was designing my gui and event handlers for FBN.
Thanks in Advance
Hi all,
i feel there is not much difference between a facade and proxy pattern, and they can be exchanged for each other in some cases ., can someone provide light on the diffence in these patterns and when is facade more appropriate to using proxy.
For eg, in my FBN system, the controller talks to another object( facade or proxy or mediator ???) which talks to the data classes ??? what is this class between the controller & data classes , proxy or facade ???
ThankYou sai, i am now clear., Thanks again
Thankyou sai, this clears my controller repsonsilibilties, i understand that the searchflight, bookFlight action event in the controller talks to the Model., that queries the database ( is that right??) .
So what should the model class do, does it store data , in terms of attributes like Origin, destination etc of each flight ??? i always get lost at this point in my design ???
Thanks in advance