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since May 03, 2002
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Recent posts by Chien-Hua Chiu

I'm glad to see the result, thanks for the members in the JavaRanch.
I learn much from the SCJP/SCJD, the way of prepare exam is very important if you do it by
Grade: P
Score: 143
Comment: This report shows the total points that could have been awarded in each section and the actual number of points you were awarded. This is provided to give you per-section feedback on your strengths. The maximum possible # of points is 155; the minimum to pass is 124. General Considerations(maximum = 58): 55 Documentation(maximum = 20): 20 GUI(maximum = 24): 19 Server(maximum = 53): 49
21 years ago
I take the essay exam last Saturday, although the result not come out yet, no matter pass or fail, I would thank Mark, Peter and others post article in here, I learn from here so much.
The exam is very interesting, it is worth taking the exam and complete by yourself, the process of taking exam should learn more java technology.
I think that message is to remaind me to take the essay exam, and I really forgot it.
I will take this essay exam in this weekend.
Many thanks
Thanks for your reply.
I don't know should take the essay exam after my uploading assignment.
What is its meaning?
"Click the button below ONLY if you are experiencing problems viewing assignment details and/or comments for the following exams:
310-027 Java2 Developer Exam
310-061 Java2 Architect Part II"
It means if doesn't catch the real meaning of the assignment details.
Does it mean if i summited my assignment, but still can't view the result?
I am expecting my assignment result...
many thanks , but i tried it , still got same error, i added as below
if (System.getSecurityManager() == null)
System.setSecurityManager(new RMISecurityManager());
but i use :
d:\jdk1.4\bin\java suncertify.client.FBNClient 1099
it works, why? classpath setting? or ...
I try few days , but still get error
my FBNClient.jar contains
1. all of FBNClient classes
2. suncertify\server\RemoteDataServer_stub.class
3. suncertify\server\IPublicDataServer.class
4. suncertify\server\IRemoteDataServer.class
5. suncertify\db\DataInfo.class
5. suncertify\db\FieldInfo.class
Do i miss something ???
D:\chiu>d:\jdk1.4\bin\java -jar\chiu\policy\java.polic
y FBNClient.jar 1099
initial url rmi://
FBNDataModeller : java.rmi.UnmarshalException: error unmarshalling return; neste
d exception is:
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: suncertify.server.RemoteDataServer_Stu
b (no security manager: RMI class loader disabled)