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Before anyone goes to the trouble of answering my question I'd just like to say that it has now been resolved. According to this link:
web page
Tomcat 4.0.1 will not work with IIS at all. Looks like this is the case, as I've now updated to the most recent version of Tomcat 4.x and it all works perfectly! Still I've learnt a bit and only wasted fours days, hoo hum.
21 years ago
Here's the iis_redirect.log if that's any help:

Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_isapi_plugin.c (705)]: In HttpFilterProc Virtual Host redirection of /
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_uri_worker_map.c (447)]: Into jk_uri_worker_map_t::map_uri_to_worker
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_uri_worker_map.c (464)]: Attempting to map URI '/'
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_uri_worker_map.c (529)]: jk_uri_worker_map_t::map_uri_to_worker, Found a suffix match ajp13 -> *.jsp
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_isapi_plugin.c (721)]: HttpFilterProc [/Solarnet/Stats/stantsChoice.jsp] is a servlet url - should redirect to ajp13
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_isapi_plugin.c (784)]: HttpFilterProc check if [/Solarnet/Stats/stantsChoice.jsp] is points to the web-inf directory
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_isapi_plugin.c (657)]: HttpFilterProc started
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_isapi_plugin.c (705)]: In HttpFilterProc Virtual Host redirection of /
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_uri_worker_map.c (447)]: Into jk_uri_worker_map_t::map_uri_to_worker
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_uri_worker_map.c (464)]: Attempting to map URI '/'
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_uri_worker_map.c (570)]: jk_uri_worker_map_t::map_uri_to_worker, done without a match
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_isapi_plugin.c (711)]: In HttpFilterProc test Default redirection of /jakarta/isapi_redirector.dll
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_uri_worker_map.c (447)]: Into jk_uri_worker_map_t::map_uri_to_worker
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_uri_worker_map.c (464)]: Attempting to map URI '/jakarta/isapi_redirector.dll'
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_uri_worker_map.c (570)]: jk_uri_worker_map_t::map_uri_to_worker, done without a match
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_isapi_plugin.c (775)]: HttpFilterProc [/jakarta/isapi_redirector.dll] is not a servlet url
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_isapi_plugin.c (784)]: HttpFilterProc check if [/jakarta/isapi_redirector.dll] is points to the web-inf directory
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_isapi_plugin.c (824)]: HttpExtensionProc started
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_worker.c (132)]: Into wc_get_worker_for_name ajp13
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_worker.c (136)]: wc_get_worker_for_name, done found a worker
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_isapi_plugin.c (860)]: HttpExtensionProc got a worker for name ajp13
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_ajp_common.c (1352)]: Into jk_worker_t::get_endpoint
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_ajp_common.c (1075)]: Into jk_endpoint_t::service
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_ajp_common.c (280)]: Into ajp_marshal_into_msgb
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_ajp_common.c (413)]: ajp_marshal_into_msgb - Done
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_ajp_common.c (612)]: sending to ajp13 #256
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_ajp_common.c (853)]: ajp_send_request 2: request body to send 0 - request body to resend 0
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_ajp_common.c (698)]: received from ajp13 #31
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_ajp_common.c (461)]: ajp_unmarshal_response: status = 404
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_ajp_common.c (466)]: ajp_unmarshal_response: Number of headers is = 1
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_ajp_common.c (506)]: ajp_unmarshal_response: Header[0] [Content-Type] = [text/html]
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_isapi_plugin.c (428)]: Into jk_ws_service_t::start_response
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_ajp_common.c (698)]: received from ajp13 #664
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_isapi_plugin.c (562)]: Into jk_ws_service_t::write
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_ajp_common.c (698)]: received from ajp13 #2
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_isapi_plugin.c (872)]: HttpExtensionProc service() returned OK
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:24 2003] [jk_ajp_common.c (1307)]: Into jk_endpoint_t: one
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:25 2003] [jk_isapi_plugin.c (657)]: HttpFilterProc started
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:25 2003] [jk_isapi_plugin.c (705)]: In HttpFilterProc Virtual Host redirection of /
[Fri Apr 18 12:08:25 2003] [jk_uri_worker_map.c (447)]: Into jk_uri_worker_map_t::map_uri_to_worker
21 years ago
I�m having a huge problem with getting Tomcat 4.0.1 to work with IIS5.0 on Windows2000. I�ve followed the instructions to the letter from three sources including chapter 14 in Apache Tomcat by Wrox. The problem is that Tomcat is trying to serve the isapi_redirector.dll. The 404 error from Tomcat is the following:
type Status report
message /jakarta/isapi_redirector.dll
description The requested resource (/jakarta/isapi_redirector.dll) is not available.
I would guess that isapi_redirctor.dll is failing to execute, although I�ve got the virtual directory �jakarta� in IIS switched to read and execute. Also the green arrow is pointing up indicating that the Jakarta ISAPI Redirector is working. Has anyone any idea what�s going wrong? Help would be much appreciated as I�m now in work trying to sort this out on what is a public holiday!
21 years ago
Sam, I�m in the same boat as you again. I too have got the SCJP2 and SCWCD. I had set a deadline of end of March for the IBM 141 exam, however, this seems to be the �fashionable� route and was very much toying with undertaking the .NET to hedge my bets. Then again, do you get the feeling you become a jack of all trades and diluting your core skills? Interesting article on BBC site yesterday:
The quote:
�They are under constant pressure to update skills.�
sort of sums it all up.
21 years ago
Sam, what sort of Masters are you about to undertake? I�m in the reverse situation to you in that I have a Masters (IT conversion course), but lack the banking experience. Would love to work in the City, but as everyone knows, things are tight and I�ve yet to convince any of the banks how much they really need me!
When I went to do mine there were awards available (one of which I managed to gain), but this was back in 1998 and the course was one year full time. I also moved to another part of the UK and have not yet managed to escape.
I undertook it for the reason you have previously stated and I can�t see how it can be detrimental. Moreover, more and more people have first degrees in the UK, therefore, I assumed it indicates that you�re willing to go that bit further. Then again, I�ll confirm this when I get my wonder job.
21 years ago
I�m currently working for a UK university and was speaking to a senior computer science lecturer yesterday. He stated that although the Bachelors degree intake has remained pretty steady (probably because they have four years before hitting the job market) the drop in numbers of the conversion Masters has been �devastating.� The number of students enrolling has fallen by 80% and this is very much case for other universities over here.
21 years ago
Cheers Simon. I was only being cheeky anyway and you�re right about the raw knowledge thing. That was part of the reason I�ve been doing certifications and will continue to do so. I�m sure they go someway to proving you do know something about the technologies you�ve put on your CV. Although I have had certain well known recruitment agency say otherwise!
Anyway, I�ve decided to leave it until spring and concentrate on expanding my db knowledge (current SQL Server and mySql!) This is the edge you talk about, and partly covers what Tony said about feeling it�s all a bit of a gamble. I can�t image that there�s a huge great difference between the fundamentals of SQL Server and Oracle, however, you�ve got to have experience in the latter before you�ll even get a look in with the City banks (that or Sybase.) Alas, gone are the days of nearly matching the skill set and getting an interview.
21 years ago
Tony, you�re not alone. Although employed I too have, at times, felt that even if you pull out the stops and learn as much as you can you are still failing behind. I went and got a IT degree, spent the last 3 years studying what was considered hot technologies, obtained SCJP2 and SCWCD and I�m still in my 20s (just!) I�ve tried for over a year to move on as my current position isn�t getting me anywhere, and pay wise, I�m on what firemen are striking over. However, none of this really worries me.
We all know how tough it is out there. Logic dictates that if you�re learning all you can then it�s impossible for anyone to be gaining a great deal more knowledge than you. If you�re making the effort and getting interviews it�s only a matter of time before a job turns up. On a personal note, I�ve been having more luck recently with two interviews and my first unprompted enquiry from a recruitment type since early 2000! Perhaps this is down to a slight change in the job market, or possibly due to that fact that I�ve using some of the tips people have been giving on this and similar boards. For example; take print outs of your work to interview, look into learning less well used technologies, go an visit recruitment consultants personally and introduce yourself. Even though I�ve not got my next job, it�s definitely improved my mindset and I�m sure this comes across when I enquire about other posts.
I�ve also concluded that the worst case scenario is that programming in the UK and other Western World countries is dead as we know it and we�re have to train for another profession, or last specialise in some other IT field. So what. You managed to move from the Army into IT. I�ve move fields too and would consider doing so again if that�s what�s required. Just keep making plans and plugging away. Good luck.
P.S. Simon Lee, any chance of getting me a job in the City?
21 years ago
Congratulations. I, and perhaps others, would be grateful if you could give some indication as to how long you spent studying and how much previous experience of XML you had. I’m trying to muster the energy to go for this exam after passing SCWCD! Many thanks.
My very recent experience of trying to find a job in London wasn’t great even though I have a computer science degree, SCWCD and over two years’ experience in Java and related technologies. The response from recruitment con-sultants ranged from no chance and your certifications are worthless when aiming to enter the city banking arena, to, might be able to get an interview, but the pay is not what’s advertised as they can get others for less money.
Not that any of this has put me off, but it’s a fact that there are too many people chasing too few jobs at present – especially in relation to Java jobs. The recurring advice I’ve been given is if you’ve got a job stick with it for the next year or so and carry on working on your skill set.
Personally, I would go for the SCWCD just to reinforce the fact that you’ve worked with the technology. I was going to try for the IBM XML 141 exam next, however, I might look to use/get certified in a technology that’s less common/fashionable. It would appear that this could be the key that sets your cv apart from the rest.
Good luck Sam and stick with it.
21 years ago
It’s perfectly possible to obtain a computer science masters (at least in the UK) while having a first degree in a non-cs field. However, these masters are viewed as conversion courses. I know as I took one myself about three and a half years ago. The entry requirements were quite stiff and for the one I completed there was a psychometric test as one of the pre-requisites. I’m not aware of anyone being able to undertake such a degree without some kind of first degree.
There were certainly some people who weren’t cut out for programming, who struggled all year and just passed. A lot of these have since ended up in other types of employment, or non-technical roles. It should be said that there was a considerable element of architecture, engineering, algorithms etc. as well as web based work. The people that did well were intelligent. One that springs to mind was a barrister who while working full time undertook the course and came in the top 5%. I’ve no idea how he managed it, but he did!
21 years ago
I too tried to outwit this survey and then thought I’d made a big mistake as I was faced with what I thought to be rather hard questions. Still managed to pass though. However, the best bit was before the exam when the chap at the exam centre warned me about agreeing to Sun’s terms and conditions. He said the previous candidate had clicked the wrong button (‘Do not accept’ button) and his fail result was printed out immediately! To make things worse it took the test centre three hours to convince Sun of the mistake and set up the test again, only for the bloke to fail by 2%!
The SCWCD exam’s GUI is the same as the one for the SCJP2 exam.
Although I’ve only recently started to post to this site, I’d just like to share with everyone my experience of the exam (passed as of this morning) as I found other peoples’ experiences very useful. Looking back at these previous comments over several months I’m left in little doubt that Sun has made the exam considerably harder since they first launched it 10 (?) months back.
I’ve been using Servlets and JSP on and off for about 18 months and would not call myself overly experienced. I spent a couple of hours a day over a four month period revising – well there’s not much to do at work at present!
In terms of resources I used to study with, I followed the herd and bought the latest copy of Marty Hall’s ‘More Servlets and Javaserver Pages’ and covered the parts of Servlets, JSP, tags etc that I was unaware of. I then used Ken Zrobok’s notes and cross-referenced them with Sun’s Servlet and JSP specs. All very good. After feeling I’d covered the exam objectives I did all the free mocks at least once and purchased Sun’s Mock. I’d highly recommend checking every answer on all mocks, whether you get them right or wrong – it really helps you learn the subtler points. Although, none of these mocks capture the exact feel of the exam (including Sun’s) they do come close.
*** The help provided by the Javaranch site and its contributors was invaluable – many thanks everyone. ***
The exam starts with a questionnaire about your experience and then you have to agree to Sun’s terms and conditions. Only then do you start the exam. The first question I didn’t even recognize and the most of them required careful reading. I can’t recall exactly how many questions on each section and I would guess it varies to a fair degree anyway. Things that stuck out were:
(1)about 5 questions that require a typed answer;
(2)web.xml tag questions are obscure – I learnt all the tags as per the exam objectives and it only just covered what was necessary;
(3)you need to know more design patterns than just the suggested for – best see Miftah Khan’s notes;
(4)I'll say it again - read all the questions very carefully.
Time is not an issue. If anyone has more specific questions please post them and I’ll see what I can do.
Peter Crowther.
SCJP2, SCWCD – yippee!
Thanks Pavao,
I suspected it was, but hoped it wasn’t – if you know what I mean. I’ll get to find out how good I am in five days time anyway!