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i think you had mistyped the sequence;

should not it be 2 7 22 67 202 607

7 = 3*2 + 1
22 = 3*7 + 1

12 years ago
Hello All,

I had taken the IBM 142 exam today and passed it with 90%.


1. XML in Nutshell
2. IBM developerworks tutorials
3. loads of luck
4. Practice with all sorts of mock exam, and try to generalize the reason for correct answer that will help you in eliminating the wrong ones quickly .

I had taken this exam recently and was through.


Understanding Enterprise SOA

and lots of luck
do we get any certificate/goodies from IBM after passing this exam ?
great !

can you let me know the materials you will be using .

I am lil bit confused about what to use and what not , because there are not many mock exams available to practice and I am never sure what combination of material will cover the required basics !
sachin ,

I am using VW00x as stated on IBM 664 test site.

and I will also go through Understanding Enterprise SOA.

what is on your list ?
confusion number 1 :

IBM SW71x vs VW00X

what is the difference , and which one is more comprehensive ?
Hi All,

I am preparing for IBM 664 and most likely will make an attempt in June.

Any takers around the same time ? May be its a good idea to synchronize on what to study and from where !

Welcome !
I think your class must implement the java.io.Serializable interface, so that it can be serialised/de-serialised and sent back n forth
14 years ago
I am not cent percent sure about it , but may be you want to have a look at following link:


here they talk about setting HTTP request paramaters.

May be you can try calling the .getProperty() method instead for a particular attribute and see how it goes

... just a random thought
14 years ago
you may want to try InputStreamReader/ByteInputStream to read the incoming xml, and there you have the possibility to specify the encoding

I guess the default encoding in websphere is not UTF-8 and that is why you see all those junk characters.

try reading the message as bytes and then convert it to required encoding also when using System.out.println(), do not forget to specify the encoding
14 years ago