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Recent posts by Mark Myers

Congratulations, winners. Get those snail mail addresses in.

Scott, that's so great to hear. Thanks! -Mark
Theja, any language you learn helps you learn another language, but JS no more than others.

Integration issues are beyond the scope of my knowledge.

What distinguishes my book is the 1,750 interactive exercises that reinforce the knowledge.

There are screenshots, but not many.

Shiva, the book does cover objects, rather thoroughly, I think. -Mark
Harsha, it can teach you JavaScript quickly. Knowing the other languages is an advantage. -Mark
Krystian, I wrote it for beginners, but it turns out a lot of experienced coders who want to learn JS like it, too. No, jQuery will be another book.
Hey, Carlos, thanks. There *are* books coming that will take the same approach. Thanks for the encouragement, and best of luck with your other subjects. -Mark
Shiva, I can't shed any light on the difference between basic and advanced JS, except to say that you study basic JS first.

The examples aren't project-specific.

I didn't include HTML and CSS, because I feel it's a separate topic.

The book doesn't improve logical skills, it only teaches syntax. The special feature is the 1,750 interactive exercises.

Math, some grounding in HTML and CSS is all you need. If you were able to teach yourself some PHP without reading a book, you've got more than enough ability to fly through my book. -Mark
Carol, it's so nice to have my approach validated by an education professional. Thanks!

Congratulations on your 100%

Lance, I'm glad you like the approach.

Your ideas for further practice are good ones. I'm going to give some thought to how I might accomplish it.

Current publishing plans:

This fall: A Smarter Way to Learn HTML & CSS
Spring 2015: A Smarter Way to Learn jQuery
Fall 2015: A Smarter Way to Learn PHP
Spring 2016: A Smarter Way to Learn Ruby


Jeanne, three years ago I decided to learn JavaScript as a lark. I found all the books on the subject difficult to follow. It was as if the authors backed a truck up to my door and then dumped it. I wanted to be guided step-by-step. Also, I realized that I would never retain anything unless I practiced each concept as it was introduced. I couldn't find a set of exercises that I thought would do the job for me, so I started designing them myself. At some point, I said, "Gee, maybe I should do this for a larger group of learners than just myself."