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Recent posts by bill lubx

these are my fixes,
In AsyncSenderEJB, do:
1.moving QueueConnection to class level sendAMessage method, change the session to AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE,
session = qConnect.createQueueSession(true,Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE); final block, close session
finally {
try {
// Matrix Change close session for JBOss 3.2.1 session unclosed Exception
if( session != null ) {
} catch(Exception e) {}
} ejbRemove () set queue connection and queue factory to null.
public void ejbRemove() {

qConnect = null;
qFactory = null;

These should help you to properly close the queue session.
[ February 15, 2004: Message edited by: bill lubx ]
20 years ago
I figured out the reason and fixed

20 years ago
Hey friends:
I have adapt a sample petstore 1.3.1 runing on the best breed: Jboss and Mysql, at, all the code is in cvs,

the application using a session bean (it should be a stateless) to send the message to a queue, in the home.create() method it create connection factory and queue, in the send method, it create connection, session and sender to send the message, I have closes the session and connection after sending. Since stateless bean is instantiated when server start, which means the connection factory and connection is set up from very beginning. When a call to this bean�s create method, it just grab the connection from stateless bean pool, after sending message to the queue, and close the session and connection, it should handled by the container to return the connection to the pool. But client side (action class OrderEJBAction in petstore1.3.x) throw an illegal state exception that try to return an unknown connection to Jboss connection pool , later on, Jboss keeping warn me for un closed jms connections from jms connection pool,
where is the problem?

20 years ago
we are in the process to adapt Jboss3.2.1, mysql4.0 with petstore 1.3.1 called matrixPetstore . Helpfully it will merged with struts soon. This project will put on soon. I need developer on j2ee.
It seems like your server is looking for jndi MySqlDS but you have configured as “jdbc/JackalopeDB”, in mysql-ds.xml,
I am not sure if "MySqlDS" is the only valid jndi name for DBSource in JBoss, but certainly server knows this is a MYsql DBSource and looking for it by the name "MySqlDS"..
Try this:
1.change “jdbc/JackalopeDB” back to “MySqlDS” in mysql-ds.xml,
2.seems you are using mysql connector driver, In this case, this would better be changed: <driver-class></driver-class> to: <driver-class>com.mysql.jdbc.Driver</driver-class>,
3.drop the mysql-ds.xml in %JOSS_DIST% /server/default/deploy
4.restart the jboss at http://localhost:8080/jmx-console/, under jboss.jca, make sure this line is there: name=MySqlDS,service=LocalTxCM , or you could check with server log to see if this message is there: 2003-06-21 21:04:17,578 DEBUG [org.jboss.resource.adapter.jdbc.local.LocalManagedConnectionFactory.MySqlDS] Binding object 'org.jboss.resource.adapter.jdbc.WrapperDataSource@1a76eff' into JNDI at 'java:/MySqlDS',
5.change look up in your code to use “MySqlDS”
good luck.
20 years ago
try Edit the "jboss-minimal.xml" and "jboss-service.xml" files, if you got port conflict.
21 years ago
Try to deploy petstore 1.1.2 to jboss3.0, always get exception from servelt container, when reading file by URL from ServletContext().getResource()
String url = getServletContext().getResource("/WEB-INF/xml/requestmappings.xml").toString();
It will append jndi to the path, like url = �jndi:/localhost/WEB-INF/xml/requestmappings.xml�
This url will cause URL exception that �jndi� is not recognized,
: unknown protocol: jndi,
I try to code �http:� or �ftp:� to get around with this, net connection been refused.
I have no clue,
please help
21 years ago
If a system has only two web server with two types of user: internet and intranet, should I set up one web server in DMZ for internet user and an other one set behind firewall for intranet user?
Is it possible to "cluster" these two web server in DMZ to accept request from both internet and intranet? This may provide better scalability and avoid single point of failure in net work
I have tried to answer this question by myself but I am really not sure if a web server in DMZ could accept request from both internet and intranet.
Any comments on this will be much appreciated.

The idea of using SSL or Firewall or both was coming up with design decision of a system within the budget. In other words, how to build a secured system within limited budget (after Dow down to 7700, it is a reasonable consideration).
Say, if SSL could satisfied most security requirement, it would be the first choice, in this case, I could save few dollars on the hardware and/or software for a firewall.
For a B2B solution, since client usually carry certificates (in part II, the ticket agents as application clients in a VPN ), the server will deny any accesses from an untrusted party. Since firewall would do the same thing but need to throw more currency from the packet. I would prefer SSL solution if I have a tight budget.
It might sounds silly for this question since firewall is regarding the network security, while SSL regarding secure communication.
Well, What will happen if a webserver stands out of a DMZ but only allowed SSL connection? Does this server could survive in illegal attacks? And what kind attack would be? If considering the certificates that the client carry would satisfied the security requirement. And assuming the certificates could not be hold by a bully party.
Hi java gurus:
I have several questions that I was confused about regarding firewall and SSL , since I don?t have experience on the system architecture. Please correct me if I am wrong.
1. SSL have the mechanism to ensure the communication between the client and web server. Since SSL will authenticate both party, and deny illegal access, does this imply that using SSL could replace fire wall in securing the network communication? But this could not be true, any thought?
2. In a VPN, could it be possible using RMI over IIOP to communicate between client and server by SSL? I guess it is ok, since it is possible tuning the data through HTTP.
3. Since VPN is secured connection between client and the server, if it is an overkill to use SSL over VPN connection?

there is a AdminApp.jar file under /petstore1.3.1/webservices/, put the jar in your classpath,
hope this helps
If you plan to go through SCEA, I bet you might go through �petStore�, since petstore has 14273 line of codes for you to study to improve your Developer skills, in this case you can improve both the developer skills and architect design as once. plus the design pattern in arch will enhance your developer skills. If I have two year experience in java, I would try to give a shot on SCEA.
Hey faiza:
I guess the �best way to grasp ejb's� is using your hands.
You can either go through Sun�s tutorial on EJB, or if you have some IDE like JBuilder installed in your machine, just follow the sample tutorials, it might only get several days to get know EJB, but it would take a longer time to know the details, EJB spec 2.0 is a good hand book. There are also many links in this forum talking about study materials
Hi Kiran
Good job , glad to see you and more other people from this forum get passed part I with nice score. Way to go. kiran.
From my point of view, stateMachine is a processor in Business Logic tier (EJB tier), which uses Command factory to get the proper Command Handler (EJB Action classes) to deal with the Events. While DAO is more focused on data access with less complicated business logic. ShoppingClientController is a subclass or adapter of EJBClientController, which represent the component controller for shopping card and custom related issue. This controller is used for read_only direct access from web tier help class and update access from EJB tier Command Handler.
Correct me if I am wrong.