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Recent posts by Marco Behler

Hi Frits,
whilst the book is not about JPA/Hibernate, it covers all the fundamentals that Hibernate is built upon. So, wether it is connecting pooling, transactions or optimistic/pessimistik locking. I think it's pretty much helpful for _any_ Java database developer.
Nope. All book examples are based on the embeddable H2 (Java) database and it's explained in great detail how you add it to the project. Though some exercises leave it open to yourself, to repeat them with an installed database like MySQL etc.
Nah, they shouldn't worry. I meant more "legacy" concepts like Class.forName etc. Anyhow
Yup. There's really no "legacy" information in it, all of it is modern 2020 JDBC stuff.
The book uses some features that are only available from Java 9 on (enhanced try-catch), i.e. that's the base Java version, or rather 11 as the LTS, I recommend.

Though, with some minor changes you will also get the examples to run on previous versions.
I can only speak for my workbook, but it's a sequential workbook, which basically maps to a learning-path full with exercises. I.e. you cannot just "read" the book, you have to work your way through the book, copy code, finish exercises, etc. Along the way you are getting the needed theory/explanations.
I think it works for beginners, but also the seasoned dev who wants to really get a good understanding of JDBC. From connection pools, query logging to transaction isolation levels. But it's written in a sequential way, i.e. you can work your way through it, step by step and get a whole lot of explanations along the way, if you are more of a beginner.
It teaches a whole lot of JDBC and basically all fundamentals that libraries like Hibernate are built upon. Little SQL, it just contains basic statements.
It looks like JDBC is a solved topic  
Hello everyone Feel free to hit me up with your questions!
Hi Coderanchers,

I just published a new guide: Java & Files.


1. Basic file operations (read/write/create etc) & encodings
2. Watching files and directories
3. In-memory file systems for testing
4. Mooore 👇

Enjoy and let me know your comments!

Bob Winter wrote:Solid article.

+ doesn't use Class.forName()
+ uses PreparedStatement
+ shows usage of DataSource and connection pooling
+ also makes use of tey-with-resources to cleanly return the connection to the pool

- doesn't mentioned MariaDB
- no exaple for DELETE but rather only "same as insert and update"

Overall length is ok for a blog post to just give a jumpstart. Should be read by anyone planing some book or wiki or tutorial about jdbc.

Hi Bob, just a quick update. I added the MariaDB driver and the delete example.

Thanks again for the feedback!
@Bob Winter

Thanks! I'll try and weave in your two points in the next revision of the article.

Meanwhile, you might be interested to know that I'm indeed writing a short workbook on JDBC. Let me know what you think!
Dear Coderanchers,

Time for another light read:

What is JDBC?

1. Drivers
2. Connections/Queries/ResultSets
3. Connection Pooling