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Recent posts by Sergej Smoljanov

Incorrect database name 'springbootdb '
Have you create schema? have you  'springbootdb '  created?
6 years ago
I try add to properties

also just one options

i get result that also show me sql

Hibernate: insert into journal (created, summary, title, id) values (?, ?, ?, ?)

A value of create-drop will create your tables, and then drop them when you close the sessionFactory.
6 years ago
Sorry one correct
instead .
but question still actual
I want to get result as
List of @Entity of study_material which will contain List<stydy_material_history> with entities - the max values from study_material_history per day (using rep_date) (for each study_material respectively)

I have 2 tables in mysql

I created entities classes:

for using spring data i create:

to reiterate question
how can i get via findAll()
List of StudyMaterial that will contain List of StudyMaterialHistoryCurrentState than will contains  items that is maximum rep_date per day.
I can`t understand where and how i must changes to get such result
assuming that both tables are filled with data next is sql variant i want express
i have read both books. my opinion than pro spring better - almost all examples from Pro Spring is repeatable. In Spring in action there is more places where I stuck and have spend much time to get where is problem, i think that this book not for novice (Also I think than there is interesting topics in this book).
If you try only one source - choose book i suggested.
Also you already have Spring in Action - try it.
7 years ago
Amazing book. I am reading it now. (4 edition)
What is plus - code from it work. You can repeat code and it work, book is simple to read and work with.
I wish all books be like this one.
7 years ago
Also you can change BeforeAspect (your custom aspect class like this)

@Pointcut("execution (* com.Student.addCustomer())") - you place your pointcut outside @Before and now you can use it as below
and this
@Before(value = "com.BeforeAspect.m()")
7 years ago
I change location of file. (pay note of package, and i change Student to be interface and Studentimpl become class.

@Before("execution( ** com.Student.addCustomer(..))")
@Before("execution(** com.Student.addCustomer())")

7 years ago
By default spring use singleton scope.
this mean that when you retrieve bean

if you want  - you can change this behavior.
you must specify other scope:
scope="prototype" add in xml in bean definition

or - you can read more here

Also pay attention when you inject object with prototype in singleton bean.
And pay note when you try configure
@PreDestroy method, container do not manage prototype bean destroy behavior.
7 years ago
My solution was
@EnableTransactionManagement to class RootConfig
also add next bean to this class

also i change HibernatePersist this way and this will work for me

7 years ago
Java based spring mvc configuration


Web config. ViewResolver bean

RootConfig. Bean for DataSource , LocalSessionFactoryBean , BeanPostProcessor

Interface for persistence logic

How i try use hibernate to save object


Object that i want for save:

JSP where i place form for saving object

finally when i try save object i get:

org.apache.catalina.core.StandardWrapperValve.invoke Servlet.service() for servlet [dispatcher] in context with path [/Spring_Demo_Aplication] threw exception [Request processing failed; nested exception is org.springframework.orm.hibernate4.HibernateSystemException: No Session found for current thread; nested exception is org.hibernate.HibernateException: No Session found for current thread] with root cause
org.hibernate.HibernateException: No Session found for current thread
at org.springframework.orm.hibernate4.SpringSessionContext.currentSession(
at org.hibernate.internal.SessionFactoryImpl.getCurrentSession(
at com.myspringapp.config.persistance.HebernatePersist.saveObject(
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(

And cant figure where error i made. How can i solve this problem?
7 years ago
Congratulations. Make choose in specialization. And study technology as needed.
If you not work read requirements and prepare for job interview.

I finished ocjp this year and now study Springs framework (it also has it own certification so may be latter will try to get it)
7 years ago
I agree with you about errata in study guides.