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Recent posts by siva kohli

Somehow managed to find most of the applications that send in the messages. by looking at the messages, queue names, and by stopping few queues.
The product is IBM MQ.
Is there a possibility that multiple remote queues can target one alias/local queue on a different queue manager?
6 years ago
Thanks Paul.
That would be ideal for the queues where there is still message flow.
But we have few queues which are no more used/ turned OFF. This is what i see as a challenge here. Is there a way to find out technically the sender application?
We need to make sure no one , even in future uses the queues since the qmanager itself will be decommissioned.
6 years ago
We are in the process of decommissioning an application.
Now we need to inform the upstream application that send messages to our application to stop sending messages.

There is no documentation that says who is the owner of a particular queue tha sends messages to us.

We have few queues where there is still messages flowing in and few obsolete queues with no message flow.

Is there a way to find out which remote queue has a target of our local queue.
The problem here is that the upstream is on a different queue manager.

App 'a' has a remote queue on qmgr 'a' which points to our App 'b''s local queue which is on qmgr 'b'.
How to find out the name of remote queue manager 'a' ?
6 years ago