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Prashant Techy

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Recent posts by Prashant Techy

Hi Friends,

Happy to declare that I passed OCEJWCD with 92%.

I am looking for the next certification. Deciding between OCEEJBD and OCEJWSD.
I have equal interest in both fields and will eventually do both.
But now I would like to complete one certification quickly.

Please advise.

For those who need to know my preparation strategy for OCEJWCD.

Here is my preparation:

1. Read HF Servlets and JSP once.
2. Studied the Servlets and JSP spec 3.0 once.
3. Solved the practice tests from Whizlabs. Initially started scoring 80-85 % in the initial tests.

(Few points regarding the whizlabs tests. There are many typos in the questions. Even some questions are badly formed.
But surprisingly, I found the format of the final exam very similar to the actual exam. I even got many questions from the final exam of Whizlabs.
Thanks Whizlabs team. But please improve your test material.)

4. Studied HF Servlets and JSP and Servlets 3.0 spec again. Finished it in three days this time.
5. Studied the core JSTL tags and JSP standard actions from internet. Head first books does not cover them all in great detail.
5. Again gave the final test. Got 95% in the final test. Got super confident and gave exam the very next day.

Love you all,
6 years ago