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Recent posts by Charles O'Leary

Flávio Grassi wrote:And @Charles: no xml whatsoever!

Thanks Flávio.  
3 weeks ago
Congratulations Robin.

No xml.  (Annotation questions only.)  Correct?
3 weeks ago

Edmund Yong wrote:So I passed IZ0-815 yesterday and my next exam would be IZ0-816.

Edmund Yong wrote:2. Is there a deadline on when I need to pass IZ0-816 after I had passed IZ0-815?

If and when (and possibly before) purchasing a voucher, one may want to note its (possible) expiration date:

Exam registrations paid for with an OCP Exam Vouchers must be completed before the voucher expiration date. says "Save 25% through January 31"with a Cart Total of $169.

Your exam must be scheduled and taken within 90 days of your exam purchase or your exam attempt will be forfeited.

4 months ago
Thanks again momedalhouma.
4 months ago
Congrats momedalhouma!  Also, thanks for providing the resources!

I'm at the very beginning stages of getting back into Spring after many years.  I maybe looking forward to eventually sitting for this exam (or 816).  I have full confidence in Enthuware as a self assessment tool allowing me to confidently determine when I eventually may be at the point of sitting for Java exams.  I may have overlooked this, but were you able to have full confidence in any Spring 5 Mock Exams?  If so, which ones?

4 months ago

Ahmed Sabrioglu wrote:Nevertheless, you're welcome to peek right in and tell me what you think and also learn some things, if you are also planning to take this exam
(or just want to learn the major new things in Java 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 ) .
In these cases, it's best if you subscribe to my channel, so you stay updated and get notified about the latest videos.

These are the links to my channel and the playlist with the videos:

I would be happy about some feedback, positive or negative, so I can make the videos better.

Hey Ahmed,

Thanks for making this available.  Have you considered placing this info on the  OCP 11 FAQ Wiki?

kiros haregewoine wrote:

Aysenur Eroglu wrote:
Hello Everyone!

I've got the mail about Oracle's year-end offer 50% off on all digital training and exam vouchers and I want to share with you too:

Happy Learning!

But. pearsonvue site shows the same price?

Hello kiros,

After purchasing from Oracle University yesterday morning, I received a "In approximately 1-2 business days, you'll receive an email with the subject line "Your Oracle University Order Has Been Received."" emailed confirmation.  I called again for the second day in a row, the rep mentioned that I should be receiving the voucher number to apply to  Pearson VUE within a few more hours, zero-ing out the full undiscounted Pearson VUE charge and actually potentially allowing me to schedule to sit for the exam.

Skumar Patel wrote:

Blake Edward wrote:Just bought my voucher for half price... The pressure is on.

Hi Blake Edward,

Congratulation and Best of luck.

Please let me know what are the steps you will take to register(appear) for exam using voucher code?.

If you do online or by with phone call, please let me know.

Thank You

Hi Skumar Patel,

I'm not sure what the process is either.  But, having received a "In approximately 1-2 business days, you'll receive an email with the subject line "Your Oracle University Order Has Been Received." emailed confirmation, I just got off the phone with Oracle University  (1.800.529.0165) which confirmed that I needed to wait for the voucher number.  With the voucher number, the rep said, I would be able to zero out the full undiscounted Pearson VUE charge and actually schedule to sit for the disappearing 2019 exam dates (although the exam does not have to be taken in 2019).

With that said if anyone knows anything different, please advise.
(I can't seem to find/interpret any very clear and completely unambiguous terms and conditions on this.)  Officially, does the offer apply only to only a single (shopping cart) transaction? Or can it be used for separate  (shopping cart) transactions?  

(Since I can't erase this, here's the) official answer (finally):

From: <>

The details provided on OU's education website state you can purchase now through 31-Dec-2019. That would imply that there could be multiple orders submitted between now and 31-Dec-2019 for OnPrem products.

OU Customer Satisfaction

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Charles,
Thank you for reporting this. Scott and I are updating this book for Java 11 early next year. So we are definitely interested in hearing about anything that is wrong/unclear/etc.

I'm looking forward to OCP Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 11 Programmer II Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-816 2nd Edition.  Thanks.

Campbell Ritchie wrote:I see no shipstypos. What do you think is wrong? Apart from calling a Lion kitty? But I can only see m1, m2, and m3. Where's m4.

Exactly!  m4 does not appear as a comment in the code, yet it is offered as option C.  Personally, I think Wiley should fix this.

Campbell Ritchie wrote:IPlease copy the code; it is much easier to read and search than screenshots.

Unfortunately, Wiley online test code does not lend itself (at all) to copying and/or reporting Errata efficiently.  I am reluctant to be reporting this, and have not reported others, for this reason.  By the way, Wiley has improved dramatically since I first used it and I highly recommend it.  I hope Wiley continues to improve things.  Hence, my motivation for reporting this error.

Campbell Ritchie wrote:I can't read the smaller print on the screenshot.

For the benefit of others that may not be aware, clicking on the attachment automatically enlarges (tremendously).  Also, pressing "Crl" and "+" at the same time are the short keys to zooming in (Chrome).