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Recent posts by Adarsh Agarwal

Mphatheleni Ernest Matidze wrote:Good score man, Is there any other free mock exams you know out there, the problem is i don't have a credit card which makes it impossible for me to purchase Enthuware Package?...

Thanks man, really appreciate it. Free mocks, one you get with HFSJ , Piotr and one in this forum but that is not enough to be confident . Once you start preparing you will notice their is not much material for this certification hence I would suggest, go for standard stuff. Also ,you will need a credit card in exam registration , so their is no escaping . Buy it early and make the most of it .
Best of luck with your preparation .

Adarsh Agarwal
6 years ago

I passed OCEJWCD exam on 18-Aug and will like to share my experience and tips for future aspirants .

Preparation : HFSJ second edition and Servlet Spec 3.0 was the best material available. For mocks just used Enthuware simulator and Piotr mock exam . Passing this exam wont be easy without HFSJ second edition .This book made some typical concepts, easy to grasp . Content in Specs are dead straight and was a problem for me initially but after giving mocks I was comfortable . I read the HFSJ thrice and gave a final peek on my way to examination center . Final revision was very important and saved me few questions in real exam .

My Enthuware's average score was 78% and final mock exam results was 76% . I was really scared after my final mock result as I scored even below the avg. score is 78% ,but I am glad I took a bold decision and registered for the exam. I learnt a lot from the questions I got incorrect as I saw some similar questions in real exam only the difference was this time I got them correct .

Exam day : I reached venue 1 hour earlier than scheduled time . I used that extra time to have last minute peek , an old habit . Exam was much difficult than expected . I started with a basic strategy of "cherry picking" and marked (which were around 12 ) the one's I wasn't sure. Now , I have a whole hour to revise and concentrate on marked questions . I finished my exam with 1 minute to spare and giving this exam so much time was worth it .

Tips : Buy HFSJ 2nd Edition, download Servlet Spec 3.0 . Enthuware is good option for mocks. Piotr mock is really good and free !!! Don't waste your money on dumps . Code to learn the basics , even coding on eclipse is better than no coding . Don't go for exam if you are consistently scoring less than 70% in Enthuware . EL is very imp prepare it well . Questions based on coding were comparatively easier than fact based questions .

In the end, I would like to thank Kathy Sierra , Berta Bates and Enthuware to make this certification an excellent learning experience.

Best of luck to future aspirants .

Thanks ,
Adarsh Agarwal

OCJP (100%) | OCEJWCD (89%)
6 years ago
I am preparing for java web component developer 6 exam . However, for topics below there isn't enough material in HFSJ .

More options for the Model
• Understand the roles of JDBC and JPA
• Understand fundamentals of connecting to a database using JDBC or JPA

Web application security
• Understand the role of JAAS in pluggable/extensible authentication for web applications

Please advice from where should we read these topics .
Also, how many questions can we expect on : annotations and asynchronous web applications . Yeah I know I cannot leave them but I am not very confident of materials outside HFSJ .

Thanks everyone for support and appreciation .

Next stop ... OCEJWCD (1Z0-899) ....
7 years ago
Thanks everyone for valuable info.

Bear Bibeault wrote:
Again, please cite your sources. You are making this claim, that from my experience, is just not true.

Glad you asked .My stats are from this website

According this website :

Most popular server-side programming languages

© usage
1. PHP 82.2%
2. ASP.NET 17.3%
3. Java 2.7%
4. ColdFusion 0.8%
5. Perl 0.6%

I don't think these stats can be taken lightly .

7 years ago

Mike Degteariov wrote:Java applicability ranges from desktop applications that are actively used by hundreds of millions of people, to sophisticated web applications in different industries everywhere, to apps in cell phones and mobile devices.

Having said that,

Open Office, Vuze (formerly Azureus), Eclipse, NetBeans, jEdit, SoapUI are written in Java

Java is one of languages used for Blackberry and Android development. Android SDK itself is written in Java.

In enterprise segment, applicability of java is way beyond "script which runs on server".
I was involved in development of Java applications for telco, banking industry, data warehouse solutions and business process automation, and I am sure it's very small fraction of where Java is used.

Java is arguably most used programming language in enterprise software development these days.

Thanks Mike . That info is really useful for me and many others pursuing their career as a java developer.
From "script which runs on server" statement , I meant that JSP, servlets usage as a server-side language is not preferred in comparison of PHP, ASP . This disappoints me as I am looking forward to give java's web component developer certification exam . It would be great if you can throw some light on their usage in industry .

7 years ago
Hi Friends,

I am just curious about application of JAVA in industries. Role of java in web application is basically script which runs on server . Most of companies are preferring languages like 1)PHP 2)ASP.NET 3) Perl for these scripts than why is so much hype of JAVA . I myself love JAVA but I want to know more about its real time application means the part where it is unparalleled and most in use in industries .

- Adarsh Agarwal
| The person who asks is a fool for 5 minutes, the one who does not ask is fool for a lifetime |
7 years ago
I have been learning JSP , servlets ,by installing Apache Tomcat, and practicing it on pc. It works fine.
However, my desire is to test JSP , servlets on live web environment . I already have a (Apache) web server space and currently it supports Perl and PHP scripting language by default.

What should I do to make it run JSP,servlets pages too ?
- How to install tomcat application on this web space ? Will it work .
- How to install jre ??
- How to set the environment variables, we set in our home computer ?

Is it something which ,only, web hosting companies could provide and we cannot do anything about it. It might sound stupid but I am just curious .

- Adarsh Agarwal
| The person who asks is a fool for 5 minutes, the one who does not ask is fool for a lifetime |

7 years ago
I gave my certification exam yesterday and scored a 100% .Feeling ecstatic and thought like sharing my experience.

Although , I started my preparation 1 year back but due to tight work schedule wasn't able to continue . Few weeks back I resumed my preparation with commitment that I will at least give this exam .

Preparation : I used K&B as key study material and kept Khalid for reference . Instead of mugging details I used eclipse editor to practice and burn key concepts, especially in case of threading , overriding and collections , this process helped a lot. I practiced primarily mock tests accompanying K&B book which is more than enough . Once I scored around 70% in my mocks I felt confident and registered for the exam.

Exam day : Nearest examination center was out of town . I reviewed my notes during journey and at the exam center. I knew every details count and could help me score an extra point.
Oracle exam was easier than mock tests . However, first few questions felt tricky but once you get into the groove its all goes fine . There was enough time to complete the test and for revision . After second review I pressed finish test as a happy man .

Advice : I would recommend aspirants to be really comfortable with overriding concepts which are rigorously tested. Also, not every answer is compilation or exception error
Materials except K&B are not 100% accurate and hence take them with a pinch of salt . At last, be confident about your preparation and threshold of 61% is not hard to beat .

Best of luck and Thanks Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates .

Adarsh Agarwal
7 years ago