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since Jul 21, 2014
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Open Source enthusiastic, coder at heart and always willing to learn more about anything related to Information Technology.
At my spare-time, when you don't find me behind a book, learning and reading all computer science related stuff, I can be anywhere running and trailing.
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Recent posts by Marouane Trabelsi

Hey Emily,

Thanks for you valuable insights as usual.

I am already aware of the LRA specification and I can see very promising in solving various business needs.

I joined the Google group to gain broader view on the ongoing efforts and why not get involved.

2 weeks ago

Despite having great support for many Cloud-Native patterns, would the MicroProfile specifications be limited to the one already defined at the time of this writing or does MicroProfile already plans to add more patterns and support for technologies that ease a Cloud-target container based applications development?

To give an example, orchestration / choreography are two patterns used widely in micro-service based architecture. While MicroProfile components can be composed together (for example used Reactive Messaging) to implement such patterns, a more standardized supported way of achieving this would be highly welcome (not only based on my experience but also based on some community feedback).

Another example would be a data processing pipeline abstraction such as Spring Cloud Data Flow that leverages Spring Cloud Stream (could be MicroProfile Reactive Messaging?).
3 weeks ago
Hello Aly,
Hello Murat,

Congratulations on publishing a book on one of the hottest tool out in the industry for now.

Even though being a Software and not an Ops guy, I am still familiar with Kubernetes and its ecosystem at large but I may say that I lack a critical eye on it and I can only see positive features and aspects.

As experts on the subject, what (objective) criticism would you bring on the table when it comes to Kubernetes? What are the lacking features that would have helped either development or operations people?
And where do you see the Cloud-Native industry going forward? Would Kubernetes be the dominator or would alternatives be able to fully replace it?
2 months ago
This would be very encouraging to jump into the Haskell world.
3 months ago
Thanks for the insights Vitaly.

I am pretty convinced that this is a controversial issue and may lead to large debates even.

As with any other programming language, once we get from basic stuff to advanced and large apps, the community shows to be of valuable help. How would you describe the Haskell community?
3 months ago
Hi Vitaly,

From eyes of an expert, I would like to know how would Haskell compare to other pure FP programming languages? What make it so appealing for FP enthusiast?
And would it be a recommended language to step in for non-FP intermediate / expert developers?
3 months ago
Thank you Dean for providing extra insights.

I am really happy to have had the luck to win a copy and will certainly post a review once I will have the chance.

4 months ago

Given the recent trends toward adopting RSocket as the service-to-service (and even extending to clients) communication protocol and given its, reactive, scalable and elastic nature, would it be the preferable way to approach components RPC communication in a Spring application(s)?
Spring already has great support for various communication protocols and methods among the different components and the a user can still choose from these, but I can see (at least based on my experience) the cases where RSocket would not fit as being limited for Greenfield applications.

What are the know challenges for such a protocol?
Is observability and metrics first-class citizens?

4 months ago
Thanks again for the book recommendations, will look in the mentioned items and maybe re-post back once gone through.

5 months ago
Hey Dean,

Thanks for the concise elaboration on what the book covers. From illustrated points, I would say it makes a very good starting point.

Other than the book, would you recommend other resources? A covered in the original OP, it's all about an imperative / OOP / Java developer standing point.

5 months ago
Having come across a lot of resources out there for learning Scala from books, videos to online documentation... I wanted to know based on more experienced Scala developers on what do they suggest as a starting point to shift gradually from OO Java oriented style to FP Scala one?
5 months ago
A promoting book that I am looking forward to read.
Congratulations Dean.
5 months ago
This might look like that all OO principles, specially the polymorphic nature of Objects is all ruined right?
It can be true of false, it depends on how you treat it and how much you are familiarized with the compiler rules. After all Generics were introduced to the Tiger (5.0) version of Java to ensure type safety, so just think of the below example:

Simply said, the compiler won't have control on objects added to the wildcarded lists at runtime, thus for security reasons and for more type safety it just prevents you form adding elements to the a wildcarded list and not only addition but any action attempting to modify that collection.
7 years ago
I'm afraid then that I will skip the whole way to chapter 10 since I'm an AMD fan. I will be also curious to see how the jQuery UI would intergrate with since I have always complained about the source files size (I know it is of few KB, but sounds big to me compared to other libraries).
What gets me excited about this or that reference is how it is powerful in exposing multi framework integration, since those tutorials and how to are the one I usually can't find.

Thanks TJ for your feedback and I will consider reading your book inmys schedule (It will be the whole one not only chapter 10 :p)