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Happy New Year!

I am currently a Junior back-end Java developer in a large finance company. And I want to make a decision that should I begin to learn Android seriously. I know where and how to start.

But I want to hear more about why people want to learn Android. As you know, the learning process will take a lot of time for everyone if you want to learn it seriously.

I want to learn Android because I believe that application is the future for the IT Industry, and Android is based on Java (I don't choose IOS). I want to build my own apps in future.

However, for my future career, I plan to work in a large IT company as a back-end Java developer. I don't want to be a mobile developer. Then it seems that building an Android app is a kind of hobby.

I know some senior Java developers with more than 10 years experience also start to learn Android, and it seems they can't use it in their current real work.

So, Could somebody share some reasons, why you want to learn Android, but your current real work is not about Android?

this kind of question in this board may be stupid...

5 years ago
Well, it is hard to say that all Enthuware tests are much difficult than the real mock test.

For OCPJP7, Enthuware tests are very similar to the real mock test.
similar to real exam?

For my experience, OCAJP 7 enthuware is much difficult than real exam, OCPJP 7 enthuware is similar to the real exam, what about OCPJWCD?

Are you going to take the admin certification exam?
5 years ago

What type of the questions? multiple choice Qs but with number of correct answers you need to choose? I mean choose the best? choose two correct answers...

And for one question, How many choices it has? 4? 5? 6?

after your read these material carefully, do you think the Qs are hard? easy?

How long do you prepare for the exam?

many questions...thanks

5 years ago
I know this is a tough question. But, suppose one have 3 hours per day to prepare for this exam, how many days will it take?
I think I at least need to read the Head First book, the servlet spec and also finish the 10 mock tests from enthuware.
Hi Sanjana:

How long did you prepare for the exam?

arulk pillai wrote:Congrats and keep up the good work.

5 years ago
Based on the final score report, I still did't get a good score in threading&concurrency, string format, some subtopics of NIO, streams, exception...They are all low scores parts in my Enthuware tests.
For threading&concurrency, I think we should write small complex programs as many as possible to enhance our understanding.
In a short, the real exam is very similar to Enthuware tests in terms of difficulty, question types. In order to pass the exam, we should get at least 70 in the Enthuware tests. I only got about 60 in the mock tests.
5 years ago
Everyone should prepare for this exam seriously. It is a tough one.
I scheduled the exam about one month ago, but I reschedule it several times due to my work.
After a short nap of this Monday night, I woke up at about 9pm. I found I can't remember when I am going to take the test. I though if the date was too close, I had to reschedule it again...
I logged in the account and found the exam is at 7pm on Tuesday, which was less than 24 hours. I can't schedule it anymore.
What's more, I didn't touch the material for nearly two weeks and I only finished 3 of the Enthuware tests. I though I was going to waste my money. I even planned to abandon the test.

Then I began to review the test and continued to review it during my work at company next day. Luckily, I passed the exam with only few points higher than the pass line. I was really sleepy during the exam
even I drunk a bottle of red bull.

5 years ago
Hi Richard:

thanks for your detailed reply. After taking the fundamental course, how long will it take to prepare for the exam? I mean, besides that course, and MongoDB website, are there any material you referred to? I know there are some good books about MongoDB, but is that too much for this developer certification?
5 years ago

Could you share more information about:

What special topics we should pay more attention to?

Are Enthuware mocks exams much more difficult than the real exams?

5 years ago

Roel De Nijs wrote:

zach zhang wrote:However, for a certification exam, I think there is no big difference between them but text editor do help.

On the certification exam you'll have to spot compiler errors (and runtime errors) too without the help of an IDE. The IDE does things for you which you have to do on the exam yourself. The most obvious one is spotting compiler errors. But an IDE will also take care of the classpath, something you should also know for the exam. Here you'll find a rancher's experience who benefited of the switch from IDE to text editor.

Yes, your advice is useful.

Roel De Nijs wrote:
I hope you follow the advice given in many study guides and on this forum. When you are preparing for a certification exam, you should use a text editor and javac/java, not an IDE to write your little java programs.

Any reasons? If I am preparing for a coding interview, where I need to write a program from scratch, your advice is correct because IDE will correct the error or at least give you some advice. However, for a certification exam,
I think there is no big difference between them but text editor do help.

Bindu Lakhanpal wrote:Hi Zach,

I remember, I could not get 80% in all. In fact, I failed my first enthuware test. But then I studied the concept I was weak at and as you said then keep on improving in next tests, noting down, studying, coding more on my weak points.

Then after a gap of 2 weeks, I took tests again. Then I got average 80%, I think. May be 75%. I don't remember. Its a long time now. As you already know, the key is the improvement you can have after each test. In real test I got 82%. And yes I also did K & B mock tests too. Those were great!

I think you took the OCPJP6 not 7. But your experience do help. I should put more time on it. As I know, Oracle do raise the bar for OCPJP7. In fact, from the scores shown in the exam result board, OCPJP7 has a much lower average score.