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Krzysztof Serkowski

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since Aug 06, 2014
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Recent posts by Krzysztof Serkowski

This is video with problem.

and the code
9 years ago
Hi I have problem with TableView in my JavaFx project. When I start program and scroll mouse my table scroll bar going immediately to end and showing 12-13 item as last, but when I move scroll bar I normaly have my 700+ items.

Mouse scroll:

Bar scroll:
9 years ago
I have problem with runnings panels. After I edit my panel description I have a lot of mess and it isn't looking good.

My dashboard before edit:

And after edit one of panel, I have a little mess

How to repair that mess to looks good?


9 years ago
Hi I try to write CRUD application using SPRING,HIBERNATE,MAVEN. My problem is i don't have anny errors when I compile my project just HTTP Status 404. I don't know what to do and why it is not working.
9 years ago
I working on that project for 2 days and i can't finde why it's doesn't work.

It is a typical CRUD web application using SPRING,HIBERNATE,MAVEN and Tomcat







**Run server Tomcat log:**

My project folder:


9 years ago