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Kevin Albers

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Thank you for the response!

We have been thinking that the Hobby market might be the place to go. It doesn't seem like a good tool to teach programming, though it might be interesting to see if they can work well along side one another. It also seems to silly to use it as a prototyping tool, since arduino is so easy to begin with.

eevblog is a great source, I have been subscribed to his youtube channel for a while now.
7 years ago
Hi everyone, I am part of a research group at UC Berkeley working on a product involving the Arduino/Raspberry Pi.
We are conducting market tests, and would really appreciate your help answering these questions.
Thank you for your time!

If you use Arduino/Raspberry Pi, how often do you use it? How do you use it?
Would you consider it mostly a hobby or do you use it for school/industry as well?
How were you first introduced to it?

What are your general thoughts on the Arduino/Raspberry Pi?
Did you learn to program by using the Arduino/Raspberry Pi or did you have some prior experience?
If you had prior experience, how much?
What languages are you well-versed in?

Would you be interested in a model-based approach to programming Arduino/Raspberry Pi functions?
This would be something akin to Matlab’s Simulink or Labview’s visual programming (flowcharts).
The basic idea would be to remove the need to code in C.
If you are not interested, why not?
If you are interested, what specific features would you enjoy?
Do you believe such a tool would be an efficient way to teach/introduce students to programming?

In addition, here is a 1-minute survey (on a similar subject) if you are interested:
7 years ago