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Krzysztof Swietlinski

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Recent posts by Krzysztof Swietlinski

Although this book doesn't contain everything you need, it contains enough to pass the part I and it seems also to be helpful for preparing part II assignment. I had only 1 weekend to prepare to the exam and I ended only reading this book - it helped a lot
Some questions I got mentioned legacy systems in their description, however they were really about something else like messaging, EJB or applicability of J2EE...
The way I think about it is that aggregation is just a regular association with additional information about whole-part thing - doesn't have any implcation on the implementation.
However composition being also whole-part thing additionally affects the life cycle of objects. Meaning that when you delete whole objects parts also get deleted and probably you can only create parts by adding them to the "whole" object (ie they cannot exist on their own).
In my practice I never use regular aggregations ... they just too confusing for developers. However I use compositions (composite aggragation is the whole name I believe) quite a lot ... especially with any O/R mapping.
I passed part I today in London
Here is my breakdown:
Concepts - 83% (5/6)
Common Architectures - 66% (4/6)
Legacy Connectivity - 100%
EJB - 100%
EJB Container Mdel - 100%
Protocols - 66% (2/3)
Applicability of J2EE - 100%
Design Paterns - 100%
Messaging - 100%
I18n - 100%
Security - 50% (1/2)
I used only exam study guide by Mark Cade and Simon Roberts, plus I took mock exams that I could find on the web.
Overall exam was easier than expected and it seems that a study guide + some real world experience and common sense is enough. Also it was much better and more rewarding experience than SCJ2P.
A few questions I found in mock exams that seemed to be confusing or didn't have any good answer actually appeared, but with much better answers
Looking into part II now (they say that I have to wait up to 4 days? Who architected this application? )