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  My JTable is getting too big where I have all eight columns to display , May I add an horizontal or vertical scroll bar to my JTable?

May I explain to you my situation so your may have a better understanding of my situation.

I have a Jframe . In the Jframe, I create a North Panel, a West Panel, and a South Panel for display different kind of data.

In my West Panel, I have a GridBagConstraint called tableGC as in the code below. TableGC have two rows. The first row contains my table, and the

second row contain the submit button.

My question is that could I make my table scroll-able on both horizontal and vertical direction . I was googling and someone told me that I need

to create a JScrolPanel and instantiated it with my Jtable and,  add the new tableScrollPanel to my westPanel as my gridbaglayout element.

I followed them and did what I was taught as followed in the following code  

But it did not work, it only showed me a very little bit tiny table on my westPanel.

So I would like to seek your help and expertise on how should I make my table scroll-able and my table is in the first row of a gridbaglayout , and the

gridbaglayout is in the westPanel?

Many Thanks for all of your helps!!
2 years ago
Good morning,
 I am new and try to learn Java Swing, and May I ask you and other experts a question regarding Java Swing Jar file? I have a Java Swing MVC program in Eclipse and it runs OK , connecting to mysql and display user information. Now I 'd would like to have the Java Swing program running on my desktop and on my teacher desktop so he could check the functionality of my program. My question is how can I do it? I read from Google and it said that I can export my Java Swing Project to the Java runnable JAR file. I tried it but Eclipse gave me message saying "This runnable JAR File Export repack reference library . Please review the license associates with libraries you wish to reference and make sure you are able to repack them using this application. Note also that this operation does not copy signature files from the original libraries to the generated JAR FILE"
I don't understand why it is saying that this operation does not copy signature files from the original libraries to the generated JAR FILE so I would like to seek helps from you and your expertise.
Please help me so I can run this app on my desktop as a runnable Jar file.

Many Thanks!!!
2 years ago
  I am new to maven, and I just created two maven projects in Eclipse Mars. One maven project is for natural language processing , clustering documents and such. Another maven Maven project is for displaying the results from my NLP maven project.
Since I am new to Maven, I'd like to know if my Spring MVC maven project could call my maven NLP project ? If it does, then could you please explain to my how you are about doing that?
Many thanks in advance,
3 years ago
I an new and I have a basic question on java interface and want to seek your help.
In my program, I have an interface called ApplicationContext from the Spring org.ache.ApplicationContext API and it has a class named
FileSystemXmlApplicationContext which implement the ApplicationContext interface.

In the FileSystemXMLApplicationContext , I have a constructor called FileSystemXMLApplicationContext and a parameter of type String such as
public FileSystemXMLApplicationContext (string path)

My question is that when I call the constructor FileSystemXmlApplicationText and pass in
a String path then what is the returned object do I get? I am confused since I have both the ApplicationContext interface and the class FileSystemXmlApplicationContext which implements the ApplicationContext. Would the returned type be the type of
FileSystemXmlApplicationContext or the ApplicationContext objects when I call the constructor ? Hope that I do not confuse you , and you understand what I mean.

Thank you so much in advance for your help,
4 years ago
Hello ,
Hope you have a good afternoon. I am having a question related to the facebook restfb1.14, and I wish to get your helps, and advice.

According to restfb1.14 facebook document, there is a facebookclient class and obtainAppAccessToken, and obtainExtendedAccessToken methods.

But however , when i called those two methods within my sample test codes, there were undefined. I do not know what ' s wrong with my code. So if you

have a few minutes, could you please show me what I did wrong.

Below is my code

Both method obtainAppAccessToken and obtainExtendedAccessToken were undefined in facebookclient class. I don't know why because according in the facebookclient document, there are there for us to use.

Please help and thank you so much in advance for all of your help!!

I am having a problem of connecting to Mongo DB from Apache Tomcat 7 server; and since I am relatively new to Apache Tomcat Server, I wish to get your help. Thing worked fine in my Eclipe Luna development environment where I was able to connect to Mongo DB. I have the mongo jar file at my /ehcproj/WebContent/WEB-INF/lib/mongo-2.10.1.jar . Since everything worked fine, I exported the project war file to my Apache Tomcat 7's webapps folder. I then shut down and restarted Tomcat. However, I notice that my Tomcat 7 server did not connect to my Mongo DB. I do not know what 's wrong since it was working and connected when it was at my Eclipse Luna. I wonder what are the missing pieces? I read from google and someone suggested that I need to include the mongo db driver in my apache tomcat 7 server 's lib folder which I did but it still did not work. I wish to get your help if you could shed some light into what I need to do in order to make it works.
Many thanks,
5 years ago
Hello Bear,

Thank you for your response.In term of IDE , I use Eclipse Luna. I followed the instruction from the tutorial and I have no idea why it is complaining that it could not find my file eventhough my file is defined under src/my package name/ java class. One thing that i am not sure of even though I compiled and clean my java file in eclipse Luna, it does not produce a class file in web-inf/lib. I don't know if it is hidden so i could not find it, or I will see it when I deploy the app to WAR file. In any case, I run my program from Eclipse Luna and I would like to see it running there before I deploy the WAR.

5 years ago
I am new to servlet, and have a basic question regarding to it. I am struggle of making it work in Eclipse Luna. It always gave me an

Eventhough I have define my servlet in the /src/org/dung/TestServlet in the servlet file structure attachment. So I don't know why it could not find it and complain.

Also my basic TestServlet is as follow:

and the web.xml is defined as follow:

So if you spot something wrong or missing, please let me know.

Thank you so much!

5 years ago