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Recent posts by andy armstrong

I want to insert a default system property the jmx property in particular
for any java program that is run on my local windows system without having to pass the system parameter in at the command line.
That means doing something to force the System.initproperties function
to pick up a system property i want to list as a default in the default system properties.
Any ideas?
15 years ago
The point is I do not want to set them on the command line. If you
set them as a environment variable they do not get picked up. I want the variables to run for any jre that is run.
The question still remains where can you set the default system properties in java?
15 years ago
Where do the default system propeties get set?
15 years ago
This does not work. It only sets the properties for app run using webstart.
I want the property to be set for any java application run.
15 years ago
I want to be able to add a system property for all java apps run
on my xp windows box. For example add the
-Dcom.jmx.remote to all java applications run.

IS there a properties file I can edit to add the parameter.
15 years ago
Is it good practice to map the keys in a resource bundle to
a constant class or an enum class? What are the issues around it?
Does anyone have the material for this BEA course they could post?
Is there a websphere parameter that will allow that expressions with null results are printed as an empty string and not the string null in jsps?
18 years ago
wups missed that part. Thanks verymuch.
19 years ago
In wl 8.1 sp 2 documentation says that when this value is enabled...
that connection pooling is essentiallty disabled. Since the default
is true for this value then is connection pooling by default enabled.
What are effects if this is disabled does anyone know?

Remove Infected Connections Enabled
Controls whether a connection will be removed from the connection pool when the application asks for the underlying vendor connection object. Enabling this attribute will have an impact on performance as it will essentially disable the pooling of connections (as connections will be removed from the pool and replaced with new connections).
19 years ago
Thanks for the link!
The web page is the closest I have come to discovering the secret
Java Instructor Certification Program.

I am sold on it an would like to join the club. Perhaps as part of requirement you have to figure out how to get signed up if so I am lost because nowwhere can I find information to get signed up.
Does anyone have any links or knowledge about this program from Sun?
How does one become a sun java certified trainer?
Wow that is awesome.
I want to get it from the Transport Layer to storage without
decrypting it and enabling the uploaded encrypted file to be later downloaded via https and decrypted seamlessly with no client side code.

Kind of an interrupted https connection...
19 years ago
Sorry for being a little slow but ..

Will the file be stored encrypted?
19 years ago
I need some opinions on this.

I want to be able to have a file that is uploaded to a server stored
in the encrypted state and not to be decrypted till it is downloaded by another client.
The server would act as a go between the 2 ends of the https clients.

I would need to be able to read the https stream and store it encrypted and
later read that encrypted file and send it to the client in an encrypted state.
Any ideas?
19 years ago