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Recent posts by Randy Maddocks

Tim Holloway wrote:Ah, you mean It Doesn't Work Is Useless.

I think we also have a canned "Do My Homework" entry, but I'm too lazy to check.

That's it!  Someone once began their response to a vague post with "we're not mind readers...". My thoughts exactly!
4 months ago
I prefer coming here for reasons pointed out in previous replies to this post. Offhandedly, if you want something akin to looking up answers in the back of the book go to sites like SO. However, if you want to break down the problem, look at it from different angles and perspectives, and ultimately come to an understanding of the problem and how to resolve it, then you come here.

Slightly off-topic, but one thing that really bothers me is when people post very vague questions, provide little or no information on what their intent is and what they have done thus far to try and fix the problem. This isn't a defence of sites like SO where you often see people being berated for their post, it's never okay to blatantly put people down because they don't understand how something works, or how to proceed on fixing a problem. However, I think one can be forgiven for getting a little agitated when someone does not take the time to submit a meaningful, clear and organized post. The "I do this, but it doesn't work..." phrase we see all too often is, dare I say, an insult to the people who volunteer their time, energy and skills freely to help others resolve their problem(s). The other I see quite often is the "...here's my homework question, do it for me..." type of post.

I'll leave it there.

My venting for the day...
4 months ago

All Hobbs wrote:Wow yall are old

Maybe, but like fine wine we have gotten better with age...or something like that.

I remember figuring out how to structure the flow of a program first in a flowchart (had to prove to the teacher that you fully understand the intent, structure and outcome of your program before even touching code), then in pseudo-code, and then, only if it passed the teacher's utmost scrutiny (and in my case multiple trips back to the drawing board until I had it right), were we allowed to then transcribe it to code. In my case I started with BASIC (the ol' LET A = 1). Once you had the code done, you took 80-column punch cards and pencilled in each column the appropriate character that made up the individual lines of code. Then you took the stack of cards to the card reader, hoping and praying you didn't have an endless loop that would send the machine into a tailspin. Once I cut my teeth on BASIC we moved on to FORTRAN (very cool language, at least in my opinion). Unfortunately, I graduated before I got a chance to really get into COBOL.

Fun times...
4 months ago
Thanks Jeff, always interesting to get someone's perspective as to where they see these languages down the road. Cheers.
Hi Jeff,

Congrats on this book! I really like working with both XML and JSON. Personally, I just find it refreshingly satisfying to be able to take a java object (complex or otherwise) and convert it into nicely organized XML or JSON format, that can then be used to do everything from passing it to a web page to be viewed in a table or report, etc..., to dropping it into a table (or tables) in a database. Where do you personally see those particular technologies going in the next few years? Do you envision them being around some time yet to come?

Again, congratulations Jeff!
That is so cool, especially the blood red moon picture. Thanks for sharing these salvin!  
5 months ago
Welcome Peggy! At a quick glance, some very interesting topics in your book. All the best!  
5 months ago
Given the rather important address that would show on police systems, can you just imagine the number of police vehicles that would race to the space centre? I could also imagine this would quickly show up on gov agency radars, like the FBI...

This poor astronaut will go down in history for this error, and probably never live it down, no matter where he goes. Conversations would go something like:

"We're having an astronaut come to give a speech at our convention."
"Who is it?"
"I forget his name, but he's the one who accidently dialed 911 that time from the space station."
"Ah, that would be André Kuipers...."    
6 months ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Aren't Oracle going to deprecate serialisation?

I heard they were....

Although articles still abound on the Oracle website about serialisation (one example is this old article here), I have heard "rumblings" that indeed Oracle appears to want to deprecate serialisation, mainly due to security gaps. Some in the tech media are speculating the beginning of it's demise (such as DZone).

To their credit, Oracle did produce documentation warning about serialisation/deserialisation (Secure Coding...).  

6 months ago
Powerfully honest and refreshingly humble post Barney!! Many, many, many, many of us have felt similarly to you, when faced with new technologies, methodologies, etc...Really enjoyed your post, and a big congrats for passing the exam! Next stop, the OCJP exam...    
Both pics, very, very cool.

My last working day for a couple of weeks (fortunate enough to have the weeks of Christmas and New Years off), so everyone have yourselves a great holiday, and may you be safe and happy in wherever you are and whatever you do!

6 months ago
Thank you to whomever gave me a cow on my initial post here!  
7 months ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:But maybe, “vendor lock‑in?”

Sounds like something the ISP carriers in this country (Canada) do with their 2- or 3-year contracts that you lock into, and it costs $$$ (and generally headaches) to get out of it if you want to before the contract term expires...

Some of this brings back memories of terms we first learned about in school, like "bait and switch", or other ploys to "fool" customers
7 months ago

Daniel Demesmaecker wrote:That isn't free, that's tying

Hmm, never heard the term "tying" in this sense. My example was in the context of businesses over-using or abusing the concept of "free".
7 months ago