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Recent posts by Paul Dindy

Our java web app is deployed to a Websphere 7.0 server.  A strange thing is happening, and we have been unable to figure out what's causing it, and the websphere admins have not determined the cause yet either.
I hope you guys can come up with some things we can check.
Here's what's happening:
First, our login page is displayed.  It shows the correct port number in the address bar (the secure https port that our web server is configured to use).
Next the user logs in. The request goes to SiteMinder, which authenticates the user, and our application's home page then is displayed.
The home page has all the proper links, the personal greeting, AND it shows the correct port number.
Now, if you click a link in the app, the response is sent back from a different port number, and you start getting invalid certificate errors.
I can go up to the address bar and fix the port, and it seems to work, but later switches right back to the incorrect port.
In a nutshell, that's it.
Perhaps some of you have come across this behavior before and can give us some hints.
Our app is using Java 1.6, with the struts framework (version 1.?).
2 years ago
I am attempting to use the saveToken and isTokenValid methods of the Struts Action.
I'm executing the saveToken in the Action class, and it is successfully adding a token to the Session.
But when I examine the returned html source, the html generated by the jsp is not adding the hidden token.
I am using a form in the jsp, and from what I understand, the hidden token should be automatically added by Struts.
Any ideas as to why this is happening? Am I missing something from my jsp that is required such as a certain import?


Update: I am using the last version of Struts 1: 1.3.10.

Update 2: I put some debugs right after setting the token key, and the request token is coming back null. The session token has a value.

5 years ago