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Hi there

I am new to this forum as an User, and I am also new to Java and Android, in developing ways. Sorry if there are any language or other mistakes.

So I am trying to make an app for a 'final' school project, which has the follow use:

The user sees a picture, a 'next' and a 'finish' button. there are 11 pictures (user only sees one) when the user clicks 'next', the pic no. 2 appears, if he clicks another time next, the picture no. 3 appears and so on.
when user clicks next 2 times (so if he made it until the 3rd picture) and then clicks finish, he'll Return to the main activity, and instead of the text 'Klicke auf start um zu beginnen' (click on start to begin) the text 'you made it until the 3rd picture' should show up.
If he clicked Next 5 times (6th picture) and clicks finish, he also returns to the main activity, but the text is 'you made it until the 5th picture'.
And so on with the others.

I've tried this, but I failed.

the red lines are those, which I made at my own but they unfortunately don't work

Java Main Activity

XML Main Activity

Java 2nd activity


XML 2nd Activity

The most important strings:

Thank you so much
6 years ago