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Recent posts by Hanumant Deshmukh

Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for participating.

All we need is the emailid of the winners.
Hi Germán,

Kindle pages are a little shorter than the printed book. The PDF version that will go to print shows about 520 pages.

The book presents complete information about the exam topics and explains tough topics from multiple perspectives. So, in that sense, it does go deep into each topic


Randy Maddocks wrote:Thank you for your response Hanumant (please also accept my apology for spelling your name wrong!). And congratulations on your book!

Piet Souris wrote:
And me too, I must apologize for getting your name wrong, somehow. Don't understnd how that could have happened, for I checked and rechecked. Probably the old age...

That's alight. No worries
Hi Frits! How are you?
Thanks for the welcome.

Thank you, Tim, for letting me use my old account

The objective of the website is to reach out to fellow Indians who think on the same line. Everybody is welcome to give suggestions.
thank you.
20 years ago
I think the concern about the correctness of option D is valid. As many of you have mentioned above, the specification does say that if the data is written after this method is called, it is ignored. So option e should be right.
We will make this correction in the errata.
thank you for your continued support and feedback.

Originally posted by AJAY RANA:

Is the publisher different for Canada ? ( I hope it would be a typographical error)
Sorry , for bothering again and again !!

I don't think the publisher is different in Canada. Even if it is, the number of pages cannot change. So don't worry about it. 350 was a number that we gave when we started writing the book. So they just haven't updated it.

Originally posted by Christophe Lee:
I was wondering if there was any sort of discount to purchase the JWebPlus software if we buy the book.

Not yet. But we are working on a way to provide a version of JWebPlus that is complimentory to the book's version.

Originally posted by AJAY RANA:
Hello Everybody !
This is my first posting.
Guys I just want to clarify !!
Amazon.com says 560 pages for SCWD Exam study kit.But Amazon.ca and Wal-Mart sites say 350 pages and publisher's name is also different in Amajon.ca.
ISBN no. is same everywhere.
Can anybody clear this confusion ?
Thanks in advance.

Name: SCWCD Exam Study Kit : Java Web Component Developer Certification
ISBN: 1930110596
No of pages: 530.
Publisher: Manning Publications Company

Originally posted by wiwit tjahana:
Dear Hanumant et al:
What would be the difference (in terms of content and number of sample questions) if I purchase JWebPlus from Enthuware+received free eBook of your book and if I purchase your book from Manning?
Thank you.

We have taken off that offer now. So, there is no free book with JWebPlus any more.
If you buy the ebook from Manning.com, you'll be able to download all the contents of the CD that is bundled with the printed book.

Originally posted by Kevin Thompson:
I downloaded the sample Chapters 9 & 14 from Manning, and I am running thru the examples tonight.
My question/comment for you: I previously purchased JWeb+ (which I like) and your new book SCWCD Study Kit (as outlined here) looks good.
It would be nice if you could produce the same sort of mock exam/book/StudyKit for the XML Certification. I don't see anything out there on the marketplace that does this(goes thru all the certification topics one by one and has example code & tutorial(like your SCWCD StudyKit).
After I complete the SCWCD exam, I wanted to do the XML certification - and I expect the lack of study materials to be a problem.
Kevin Thompson

Thanks a lot for the appreciation! We have received some really good feedback from customers of JQPlus and JWebPlus and so yes, XML is definitely on the cards. However, I am not sure when will we be done with that BTW, we have our regular jobs to take care of too

Originally posted by Garrett Smith:
How much weight do the Sun Certified Web Component Developer this hold in the industry? How does it compare with Sun Certified Java Programmer?

Please see my earlier reply.

How much practical usage ability will I gain in the process of becoming certified?

Believe it or not, but one this if for sure that in the process of studying for the certification you learn things that you would not know otherwise. This exposure allows you to think of multiple possible solutions to a problem. This in turn helps you implement the requirements in a possibly better way.

Finally, is your book cenetered around "c:\" windows directories and installations?

Most of the things have nothing to do with the platform. Also, the process or running the examples is exactly same in all the platforms. I think there is only one thing that is platform dependent - installation of Tomcat. So we have explained that for Windows.

Originally posted by Vijay Rathore:
Hi Hanumanth,
How much tme fram eis needed to clear the exam if someone is familiar with java/jsp & servlets. Is your book more than enough to write the exam. Or do I have to work on something else also to get through the exam.
Vijay Singh Rathore

1. About a month.
2. No, you do not need anything else. Please see my previous replies in this thread.

Originally posted by Tim Mikut:
I am hoping that SCWCD Exam Study kit will give me all that I need to study for this exam. Does it cover each Topic area in detail and give web site examples to test our skills?

Yes and Yes.

Originally posted by Pam Ginther:

Does the exam strictly focus on the web component issues or are there questions on basic java fundamentals as well?

No, the exam strictly focuses on the JSP/Servlet issues. However, for certain topics such as Multi Threading, you should first have a clear understanding on Threads in Java.

Should I review the programmer material in addition to the web component material? Thank you in advance for your time.

No, that is not needed.