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Recent posts by Liutauras Vilda

Tim Cooke wrote:How did you find the tests? The theory was total nonsense IMO...

For the theory bought some iOS app for 2 quid, went through it couple of times and test went really well, did 1 mistake. In UK theory test is kind of common sense thingy, that's not the case for instance in where I born, as an example there you get questions like: here is junction, and 4 cars, some of them want to turn right, some left, some go straight, and... which cars can turn left first, which can go straight first, etc..., so really need more concentration not to mess up things.

Well, Mod 1 and Mod 2 both did on the same day, in 30 mins difference. Wanted to save some money, but at the same time was risking to lose more. If I've failed Mod 1, wouldn't have been allowed to take Mod 2. But during the practice sessions with instructor, he said Mod 1 I would have done from the first time without any practice - for me these kind of things (handling motorbike) goes very naturally, so found easy. Mod 2 to be honest wasn't that confident (differently than you) due to all these traffic signs and so on, but all went really well too, instructor however forgave me some mistakes I think, which I'm sure I did, but probably these weren't that major, otherwise would have failed me. Mod 2 is treated quite strictly in my opinion, isn't it?

Tim Cooke wrote:Do you have a bike in mind?

In roughly 1 year time changed my opinion about the bike several times already. Been period when every single night watched youtube and researched internet about the bikes what to get... You know that kid's feeling when really want something...

Nevertheless, I quite felt in love with the bike I took test on. Honda CB650F 4 inline cylinders engine. It isn't the bike which might impress girls by its look, but I should not think that way anyway, at least my wife i'm pretty sure would agree with me on that Went to dealer actually already about 2 or so weeks ago to have a look, but Honda stopped manufacturing of this model, so in early Jan of 2019 the replacement model will be in shops, CB650R, so I like that one too a lot - but worried about the price tag, which possibly will be way more than I want (actually more of "could") spend. So really am confused. Honda's insurance is way cheaper (~ 3 times, for the reason they are not being stolen that much as not that popular) in London than for instance Kawasaki's or Yamaha's equivalent bikes.

Tim Cooke wrote:I have a 15 mile journey to work on a dual carriageway so a Vespa wouldn't really be ideal for that

Yeah, only within city, otherwise wind easily could blow you away.

10 hours ago

Tim Cooke wrote:What licence did you have before? A1 or A2?

Thank you. Nah, just had CBT (compulsory basic training), which allowed me to ride up to 125cc for 2 years. And then I had to choose, extend again (what most londoners do, ok, not londoners, but pizza delivery drivers), or take full license. So I did. And really looking forward to buy a proper motorcycle.
11 hours ago
Oh, congratulations, forgot
12 hours ago
Check insurance prices first, might be bigger than motorcycle choice. At least in London due to thefts insurance sky rocketed, some of the dealers even bancrupted and shut dowm. For instance metropolis motorcycles.
12 hours ago
Just to be clear. I have obtained my full motorcycle license about 5 weeks ago. So aiming for early spring to sit on something more interesting too. Currently owning Vespa Sprint 125, which you couldn't beat in a city.
12 hours ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Can you think of a weather event that you've been in that was unusual for your area

Campbell Ritchie wrote:in UK

Yes. Last summer in UK was so sunny and warm that people couldn't know what to do, whether to go for holidays to Spain or stay locally.

When I met Campbell (well, half an hour before that) last summer, before meeting him I had to go home to change because I got so wet riding home as it was raining so much that I couldn't remember anything similar, and at the same time I was thinking how wet Campbell should get as he was cycling to our meeting point from much farther than I did. To my surprise he was completely dry, now, isn't clear whether he managed to dry out quickly or he was agile enough to avoid rain.

I think at the end we got wet of beer.
15 hours ago
Slowly but catching up. The current outstanding balance is only 3.5 unsolved days. Tonight planning to be left with 2. That means tomorrow morning will be 3 again. Hm... Kind of slow.
17 hours ago
Guys, a reminder from what Tim already mentioned:

"Posts in this welcome thread are not eligible for the drawing, and should be reserved for welcoming the author. Questions posted in this topic are subject to removal."
2 days ago
I'd say stick to second approach in this kind of situation. It is way more concise, more readable and has less places to go wrong, i.e.: by mistyping index.

Write angle brackets after the data type, and not the variable name.

int[] numbers

int numbers[]

Put spaces around '=', put spaces after ','.

int[] numbers = {1, 2, 3, 4};

int a[]={98,97,99,94,96};

Noticed variable name? Instead 'a', I've got 'numbers'. Better than 'a', but not very concrete. loterryNumbers would be better. Don't have 'a', 'b', 'z' as variable names (in most cases), they mean nothing.
2 days ago

Tim Cooke wrote:I managed to get part 1 done by simply processing the input sequence from left to right also using recursion to collect all the meta values. It was quite tidy even.

Just had a look What?!? Recursion + Loop(s)? What is the feel of going down the root cheap way  

Tim Cooke wrote:Recursion and using variables declared outside of the recursive method Liutauras?

Which variables? Oh c'mon , just file (list) and toProcessChildrenOfLevel (map) , more optimism, please! instead of dealing with 4 parameters, need to cope only with 2. I kept them as fields of mutable data structures   so really to pass them as parameters didn't make sense that moment, except that doesn't make sense to have them as mutable and fields in the first place. Ok, let's call it a lazy (very) tackle of a problem, which at any given moment in time can (i'm sure it will) stab you to the back  
Trying to catch up.

Day 8 Part 1 done (if anyone still remember it), indeed was shouting for a recursive (which I like a lot) solution, except that initial approach ended up with StackOverflowException So had to do plan B - opt-in for tail call optimized solution.

Scala has @tailrec annotation which gives you a compile error if your function isn't tail recursion. So it is nice, I like it.

I must say it is damn too complicated to follow who hasn't spent a good amount of time on it, most likely there are simpler approaches, but I just ended up somewhere deep down in recursion mind with this one, so even coffee got cold.

I'm just now going from shopping mall, so well behind you guys. Hopefully tonight will have a chance to sit down and crack day 8 first.  Sounds like day 9 offers even more challenge.
Boys and Girls... I've nailed it, Day 7 (yesterday's) Part 2 done.

Definitely a fresh morning is more clever than tired night.

Yesterday I've done Part 1 in a less than opimum way, and that was the main reason why I was struggling with Part 2. Simply I was trying to accomplish 2nd part's requirements with Part 1 code, which was not well organized, in short - bad.

This morning I've deleted code and started over. This is what we suggest often, right? So took this advice myself

Watch my beauty:

Lesson learned:
Regardless, whether it is a puzzle or anything else - always pay tremendous attention to code organization. That way no puzzle is unsolvable.

I've got 2 today's puzzles to solve. Will do in an evening.