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since Nov 12, 2014
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software developer, moderator at coderanch, a father, husband and nintendo switch owner
London, United Kingdom
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Recent posts by Liutauras Vilda

kevin Abel wrote:I want it to pass back the array it has inside

Please explain to everybody what do you mean by that - it doesn't sound clear to me.
2 hours ago
But since we all say "don't shout" when some poor guy writing in upper cases, might we can assume that barista didn't shout and told everything in lower-case. Why would you shout on customer - customer is always right they say.
6 hours ago

Kathir jeyap wrote:We are working in java web development applications. We are having huge constants for our application and most of them are general constants. It grows heavily large.

Have a feeling that you mean an interim variables which you store as a constants which are meant to work as a link between some model and other business logic.


and in the Java source code you have:

and then might what you are trying to do is:

Is that what you are talking?
7 hours ago

Tim Moores wrote:I haven't even had a chance to dig into Java 9 yet.

I had, but had problems compiling projects and didn't find information about the cause, but found other people experience same problems too, so had to revert back.

Campbell Ritchie wrote:This is going to make life hard for people who write Java® books

Indeed, they might will need to look for a different approach introducing books. Pleasure
9 hours ago

Jan de Boer wrote:

Paul Clapham wrote:Guy: There you go. So what's the wifi password?

Barman: "You need to buy a drink first." No spaces, all lowercase.

Huh? What does a lower case drink look like?!


Never seen them?!? Weird. Watch down below. They celebrate 4th anniversary already.

9 hours ago

Ivan Jozsef Balazs wrote:If memory serves me right, the possibilty to leave out the type on the right hand side was introduced with Java 1.8

1 day ago
I don't think you need new material.

Reads like you got two most popular (i'm not definite about "most popular", but you understand what I mean) resources.

1. So I think you need to read book once again - slowly and carefully and be sure you understand what you read, not just skim through. Then write some short snippets of code and see whether you are comfortable with an outputs and can explain them with confidence.

2. Once you finish with book, go through mock tests, if you find yourself failing quite often, that means you haven't been honest with yourself about [1].

Why I'm saying you don't need other resources, that's because I think we have some evidence these 2 complement each other and contain absolutely everything is needed to pass an exam.

Dave Tolls wrote:Today the pages haven't been loading properly on the new one.

Was anything similar yesterday around the same time?
1 day ago

Niall Kev wrote:From the above after reading the answer, I see you can't call static methods with Classname.static method?

No. You can, but method needs to be static, which isn't the case in your specified snippet.

Dave Tolls wrote:Consequently Scanner marks the source as clsed (which is what '-1' means, essentially).

Dave, are you saying once scanner encountered there is nothing in the file, it closes - and that means you no longer can open it again and essentially need to use other Scanner object in case want to read again?

If that's true, it is something worth to note down and remember, so wouldn't slip in some kind of similar situation.
1 day ago

Prasad Saya wrote:Here are some things you can try...
2. Restart your PC/laptop and try running the program again. I know there is no logic in this but sometimes it (some errors just disappear) works on Windows computers.

1 day ago
Do you use any book as a resource? What's written there there you don't understand about this topic?

I think would be quite difficult to use some other example not knowing more precisely what you actually don't understand.
Actually I think I was wrong.

Check whether "photoURI" isn't null. It might be.
1 day ago
I don't think exact specified problem is in the code part you posted. It might contains other problems, though.

Can't you understand what null pointer exception is?
1 day ago