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since Nov 12, 2014
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software developer, moderator at coderanch, a father, husband and nintendo switch owner
London, United Kingdom
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Recent posts by Liutauras Vilda

Welcome to the Ranch. Enjoy the book promotion week.
13 hours ago
Lines 20 - 29

Why do you have 3 checks of the same kind and same body?

Lines 30 - 42

Why do you have 3 checks of the same kind and same body?
4 days ago
Welcome to the Ranch.

Probably good place to ask is your course instructor, so he/she could explain the meaning of this phrase.

Maybe they asked to create diagram and commit to git repository?

Or more likely, to write SQL script which reproduces such database schema and place it (commit) in git repository?

Ganesh Patekar wrote:

Liutauras Vilda wrote:I thought halal meat is just the way the animal is killed.

Halal means a way to kill an animal and while killing one must utter Islamic prayer otherwise prohibited like pork.

So all is relied just on ad which claims that meat is halal (possibly) as no difference in actual meat taste so person could distinguish. In which case makes no difference to me what meat to eat. Jan feels differently about that.
1 week ago

Tim Moores wrote:Not directly related to this, but where available (like in American baseball stadiums) I would prefer kosher hot dogs to non-kosher hot dogs - not for religious reason, just for the better taste. But I wouldn't be able to distinguish visually between the two of them when put in front of me (except by tasting both).

Does halal meat differs in taste versus non halal in the same way as these hot dogs? I thought halal meat is just the way the animal is killed. Which I'd be surprised if that would affect meat's taste somehow. I might wrong.
1 week ago

Earlier, I wrote:How do you physically distinct whether meat is halal or not?

Jan de Boer wrote:If the meat is halal it is usually advertised by the management to please the muslims.

So no difference in taste or anything else, just the matter of advertising as such that bothers you?

Will ask differently.

If there would be 2 bowls with meat in them, one halal, other not - would you distinct which one is which?
1 week ago
I find "good actor" and "bad actor" to be a quite subjective thing.

For instance Leonardo DiCaprio won lots of awards, but I find him very bad actor for my taste. Couldn't say what exactly I find bad in his acting, but if I know he'll be staring in a movie I get disappointed right away.

My personal top actor is: Kevin Spacey. So I watch all movies with him and like them.

1 week ago

Jan de Boer wrote:I would have a problem with halal meat being served as the only meat available. If that would happen, I would look for another job. I am not going to adapt my diet to some elses religion.

How do you physically distinct whether meat is halal or not?
1 week ago

Location object can and probably supposed to be immutable. It shouldn't have default nor no-argument constructor. Its fields supposed to be private and final as well as the class itself supposed to be final.
It could be even avoided any getters in location class, but that might would be too complicated for you as of now. So probably proceed with 2 getters, 1 for x coordinate and 1 for y to get.
2 weeks ago