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Recent posts by Santhosh Samban

I am using ActiveXObject for some print jobs what I doing is placing java class file on Desktop and doing stuff as follows:

It works fine.

I have moved my class file into

So I tried as follows:

It is not working.

How can put path of a file correctly in ActiveXObject?
6 years ago
I am having a program to send mail as follows:

I am giving user name and password correctly. I checked it with sending mail from browser and it is working

But I am getting the following error:
javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: 535 5.7.8 Error: authentication failed: authentication failure

Please help guys!!
6 years ago
I want to implement Real time notification in my page. Suppose I have page1 and page2. An action of page1, I need to implement the notification on page2. I have noted a tutorial in JSF which is called Primefaces. Can you guys suggest anything similar in jsp/servlets?
6 years ago
I am getting the following error, while accessing the site hosted in Microsoft Azure Virtual Server after waiting for few minutes.

502 Bad Gateway The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.

**The most confusing part is that, if we refresh the page, it works perfectly fine and loads very fast**

The following is the configuration:

Apache workers conf:

The following is the lines from the log file

6 years ago
So you mean I need to create GUID(Which will be universally unique id) on each login and save in session? Sounds like a good idea. Can you elaborate buddy?
6 years ago
It is a good idea. By the way it will not work in IE. Because method won't work in IE!!
6 years ago
I am using jsp for view pages and servlet for setting resetting sessions

I am developing an application that needs to logged out when using different tabs just like Gmail

The Scenario is like this

let us assume we have user1 and user2

step1: I have logged in as user1 in a browser

step2: I take new tab in the same browser and log in as user2. At this moment I want user1 to be logged off automatically from tab1.

In current scenario the first tab automatically replaces user1 with user2.

I need it like Gmail when I login as different user from new tab then the first tab automatically get logged out with a message.

Please advice me how to do this?
6 years ago
I have the following program to read and list the serial port,

I am using RXTX library for it.

I have compiled and run the java program as follows:


C:\SMS\work>java Connectnow
I am getting the value of portList.hasMoreElements() as false. What to do? I have set all the things in the RXTX library correctly. I am using Windows 8.1 64bit system. Please help me. Why it is coming as false?
7 years ago