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Recent posts by Fernando Monteiro

Hi Deepak, thanks for the question.

If your application will use a Restful architecture, so you must using SPA. this is the main point. But we need to have in mind that SPA is not a mandatory way to developing web applications.
Hello everybody, i would like to say thank you very much for all the welcome messages and questions.
Congratulations to the winners:
Bear Bibeault
Christian Peacock
Harsha Lingareddy
Prab Singh
Karthik Jayachandran

I hope you like the book and made good use of it.

A Special thank you to Tim Coke and Bear Bibeault fot the support.

Till next

Fernando Monteiro
Hi Yvette, thanks for the question.

The main difference is: SPA applications with JavaScript, the MVC are on the front end too. and the traditional MVC, there is no MVC on the client side(Front end).
The skills are primarily the same, web architecture, http protocols, validation rules, unit testing, integration testing...and a lot o JavaScript.
Hello Karthik, thanks for the question.

1- Yes, we have many drawings with examples for MVC, MP, MVP, MVVM.
2- Not directly but i used three responsive libraries.
3- No, is not a Angular book, the book is about Single Page web applications and we have many examples from SPA only on server with Express framework, PureCSS example and Restful architecture. The examples can be applied to any MVC library.
Hello Shiva, thanks for the question.

You don't need to learn Angular to build SPA, we have many libraries to accomplish this task. But Angular have all the things already done for this kind of development.
I think Ajax is great for SPA too, but i recommend the use of a MVC/MVVM library for the front end.
The book is self explanatory and had a lot of exemples, you need to have a minimum knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and some concepts of Restful API.
Hi Ferdinand, thanks for the question.

Absolutely, you can use any type of server architecture. On the book we have two examples using the Express framework, one done entirely on the server and another with server and front end code.
You can use Java of course, you just need to use Java with Restful architecture.
Hi Gino.

SPA is a way to develop web applications, it can be applied to any type of web application. When we talk about mobile application need to evaluate the need to a native application or a web application.
Hello Prab, thanks for the question.

1- I think all the stuff available is very good, paid or free. The book can help you with a general panorama on Single Page Web Application Development, from a simple CRUD to a complex user authentication to Restful architecture and other things. Both types of resources free and paid combine with l lot of knowledge.

2- A lot of companies are putting the MEAN stack on production on enterprise applications nowadays, and having good feedback from their users. But Node still growing each day, so we need more time to prove the MEAN stack as a solid and stable way to building enterprise app.
Hello Christian, thanks for the question.

I think the web is growing fast and we will see more ways to developing web applications in a near future. The browsers are moving forward very fast too so we can expect a lot of good support, at least i hope.
Hi, Dinesh. Thanks for the question.

I recommend you to use some server side code between your frontend and your database. Accessing the database directly from jQuery Ajax using username and password is not a good option.
For JavaScript you can use some tools like Express framework to build the access point and then returning your Json to your front end. This way the code with user and password will not be available on Ajax request.

This case apply to any database services. If you using an API with token validation and permissions like Twitter, you can access the data directly from Ajax calls.

Hello Stian, thanks for the question.

Well, i use some yeoman generators with bower and grunt.js, this tools are my first option to build any type of application. With AngularJS all the code are compiled before rendered on browser.
if you are beginning to use JavaScript in Single Page Application now, I recommend that you use a code generator for Angular as example. Most of them are build with best practices, already include some testing library.
When starting with JavaScript is very easy to do wrong things, because JS is very flexible, pay attention on design patterns and best practices to write a consistent JavaScript code, this will save a lot of tome.
Hello guys, thank you very much!!!
Hi Yukun, thanks for the Question.

The book covers how to build SPA primarily on desktop, but the architecture is good enough to use tools like Phonegap and Ionic framework.
Hello Paul.
The book uses some Node middlewares and frameworks like express on backend and on front end i used Bootstrap, PureCSS, ResponsiveBolilerplate and AngularJS. The book have a lot of tips for many libraries.
Hi, thanks for the question.

I use two teams, dba and backend devs and another for designers and front end. I prefer to make the development of all decoupled visual layer of the services layer, preferably using a Restful architecture.
I believe that in this way the development is faster.