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New scatter and bubble charts of FineReport reporting tool are published! You can check the list of plugin updates and the chart (new feature) plugin will prompt you to update to the latest version. Now let’ s have an overview of the new scatter chart and bubble chart.
New Scatter Chart
Scatter is a chart for plane space placement. Using space placement and color for visual and intuitionistic data ananlysis. Let’ s introduce scatter chart from easier to deeply.
Standard scatter chart:

Directly from point denseness, we can see the height and weight of male is obviously higher than that of female. If we add a trend line, we can get more information.

From the chart we can see the slope of male’ s trend line is higher than that of the female. This means the weight height ratio of male is greater than that of the female. In other words, male are more likely to get fatter.
We know scatter can be used inbig data analysis with its space placement and color functions. In FineReport we can easily achieve the effect with the functions of gradient legend or partition legend.

Partition legend can be used in both scatter chart and bubble chart.
New Bubble chart
Bubble chart also have the function of space placement and it adds the size dimension.
Now we introduce some typical applications about bubble chart.
Standard bubble chart:

The result is also amazing on the dark background:

Partition legend can be used in bubble chart and the following hot topic popularity chart is an example.

Bubble chart also have other typical application like the cross-quadrant bubble chart.

We can achieve the above functions in FineReport with only two steps.
Mechanical Bubble Chart
Finally we will introduce an original chart type——Mechanical Bubble Chart.
The Mechanical Bubble Chart brings text cloud, relation-node chart, and mechanical factors together to greatly improved the effect of showing and analysis.
Install the lasted plugin to try it!
Just insert the chart type and then select data, you can creat a cool mechanical bubble chart like this.



Click the lengend:

If you have any suggestions for the our charts, or interested in FineReport New Chart Development Plan and data visualization, please contact our chart product manager Wang Jun
Next time we will release our new map chart, so stay tuned!
6 years ago
1. Crystal Reports
SAP Crystal Reports is known as a robust production reporting tool. With SAP Crystal Reports, you can create powerful, richly formatted, dynamic reports from virtually any data source, delivered in dozens of formats, in up to 24 languages. SAP Crystal Reports turns almost any data source into interactive, actionable information that can be accessed offline or online, from applications, portals and mobile devices.

2. Jaspersoft Reporting
Jaspersoft reporting and analytics is famous as timely, actionable data inside apps and business processes.
Jaspersoft Business Intelligence reporting software takes information from one or more data sources and presents it in an easy-to-read, highly interactive format for business users. It support designing interactive pixel perfect and/or ad-hoc based reports for the web, the printer or mobile device.

3. FineReport
The most powerful reporting design tool and BI platform. FineReport is a user-friendly web reporting software designed for enterprises which allows you to create complex reports through simple drag and drop. It also integrates powerful functions including Excel-based designer, variable displays of reports, data filling, interactive analysis, authority control, scheduled dispatch, printing and output, secondary development and mobile applications. FineReport has 4,500+ cooperative clients and 20,000+ report developers. Every day, over 1,000,000 people query, view, fill and analyze data using FineReport.

4. Zoho Reports
Zoho Reports is an online reporting and business intelligence tool.
Visually analyze your business data. Create insightful reports and dashboards. Make informed business decisions. Connect to your data in the cloud or in-house. Analyze data from files, feeds, databases, cloud drives, popular business applications and in-house apps. Visually analyze your data and create beautiful reports and dashboards, with an easy drag-and-drop interface. Wide range of reporting components to choose from.Combine data from different sources easily to create cross functional reports.

5. ActiveReports
ActiveReports is a .NET reporting platform for all your business needs.
Create virtually any report type with Visual Studio-integrated designers, components, and an extensive API. Includes royalty-free viewers for HTML5, WPF, WinForms, and ASP.NET as well as an optional report server add-on.

6. NextReports.
NextReports is an open source reporting software suite composed of free reports designer, engine and server.
NextReports Designer is an application able to design in-grid reports, using connections to most popular databases like Oracle, MySql, MSSQL, PostgreSLQ, Firebird, Derby, SQLite, Vertica, Pervasive, Teradata, MS Access. NextReports Designer has an intuitive interface that makes report creation a quick and easy task. The designer has a convenient single-click publish/download mechanism for NextReports Server.
NextReports Engine is a Java platform development library which can be used to run NextReports inside your applications. This library is light and very easy to use.
NextReports Server allows you to schedule NextReports and Jasper reports and to automatically deliver reports via E-mail, FTP, SSH, Windows Share, WebDAV to your business contacts in most popular file formats like HTML, EXCEL, EXCELX, PDF, DOCX, RTF, CSV, TSV, TXT, XML. NextReports Server will present your charts, table reports, alarms, indicators and displays in real time inside dashboards. Users can perform data analyze using drill-down , pivot structures or an entire analysis module which gets data locally through an ETL process.

7. JReport Product Suite
JReport's Java architecture takes advantage of the portability, scalability, and ease of integration associated with Java EE technology to provide a powerful, flexible reporting solution that fits perfectly within any architecture.
Embed beautifully designed reports and dashboards into your own applications. It supports:
Self-Service BI, Ad Hoc Reporting, Seamless Integration, Easy Dashboards, Visual Analysis and Geo Analysis.

8. BIRT project
BIRT is an open source software project that provides the BIRT technology platform to create data visualizations and reports that can be embedded into rich client and web applications, especially those based on Java and Java EE. BIRT is a top-level software project within the Eclipse Foundation, an independent not-for-profit consortium of software industry vendors and an open source community.
The project is sponsored by Actuate along with contributions from IBM, and Innovent Solutions. BIRT is supported by an active community of users here at and at the BIRT Developer Center. It is licensed under the Eclipse Public License (EPL).

9. Cognos
Cognos software enables organizations to become top-performing and analytics-driven entities. From business intelligence to financial performance and strategy management, Cognos software is designed to help everyone in your organization make the decisions that achieve better business outcomes—today and in the future. Flexible deployment options, either on cloud or on premises, enables you to easily scale your analytics to meet changing business needs.

10. MS Reporting Services
Create, deploy, and manage reports for your organization with the range of ready-to-use tools and services that SQL Server Reporting Services provides.
Reports can be mobile, interactive, tabular, and graphical, with a variety of data, including relational, multidimensional, and XML-based data sources. Reports can include rich data visualizations, including charts, maps, sparklines, and KPIs.

11. Windward Reports
The Windward Reporting Solution is ideal for commercial software developers, IT consultants, enterprises, or system integrators who need to add reporting and document generation functionality to their desktop, online, SaaS or mobile products. Simply put, the Windward Solution works for your reporting or document generation needs, no matter your industry or situation.
The Windward Solution consists of two products that work seamlessly together: the Engine code libraries and the AutoTag report builder. The Engine is a set of code libraries for integrating reporting and document generation into internal and commercial software applications. AutoTag, Windward’s report builder and template design tool, lets you create your report and document templates in Microsoft Office.
6 years ago
1. What types of data sources does it support?
A good reporting tool should support these common databases, including such mainstream relational databases as Oracle, SqlServer, MySql, DB2, Sybase, Access, Derby, Postgre or Informix.
In addition, it is better if it supports the use of data in Excel, Txt or XML documents, BI multi-dimensional databases such as Essbase, SSAS, SAP, HADOOP, or other data source including stored procedures, SAP data sources and heterogeneous data sources. The more data sources the reporting tool supports, the easier when we use it. As we know the enterprise data is from how many different systems and more complex data will be used in the future.
2. How easy is it to use the report designer?
We all want to design a report as quickly as possible and this based on how easy is the report designer to learn and how easy is it to use. It’s wonderful if we only use a little or no coding. A WYSIWYG and Excel-based interface will help a lot if you want to save time and let your customer create reports by himself without IT help.
3. Does it support the complex report and rich visual effects?
Inevitably, some complex reports must be designed which incorporate different sections or sub-sections, combining different report types and formats. A good reporting tool must support it and makes it an easy work.
In addition, rich tables, graphs and charts must be supported to display the complex data difficult to read. User-friendly interactive effects and pleasing appearance are also very important.
4. Does the reporting tool support mobile devices?
Many people would agree that we’ve just entered the “post-PC” era. We are soon going to be surfing almost exclusively on our smartphones and tablets. Mobile Application can make us check the report anywhere at any time, periodically send report we want and can warn us if an emergency happens.
5. What types of export and printing formats does it support?
Users often want to take report output and print it. So if it can support exporting .pdf, Word, Excel, .txt, .svg, images or other file types you or your customer need is very important. Some reports need to be printed regularly, so we want to use an easy way to print and obtain a high accuracy. A wide variety of print controls including page-break printing, scale printing, silent printing or offset printing is also needed to meet different print requirements.
6. Is the reporting software a closed application?
Some users need secondary development to meet their individualized requirements. So the reporting tool cannot be a closed one. It may let developers use web scripts or API interfaces for deep development and control. And if it can support plug-in development,there will be rich and amazing functions for users.
Article From: FineReport Reporting Software
6 years ago

FineReport reporting software for reporting data to show the complexity of the format and web reports by multi-source fragmentation, irregular grouping, two-way extension to easily drag and drop do complex formatting reports, production reports from out complex SQL and expressions, no need to develop programming, greatly improving the efficiency in the production report.
Compare to Crystal Reports, FineReport statements either in report design,data presentation, or form, application integration, etc., Obviously has distinct advantages.
Report Design
In the report design, the advantages that FineReport reporting tool is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
• Multi Data Sources
FineReport report design naturally supports multiple data sources (set), with a report of data simultaneously from multiple data tables, multiple different databases, or multiple different user-defined data views, and then directly to operate and calculate with each other in the report to create a final report.
And a way to connect data sources are also diversity, supports JDBC, JNDI data sources, such as Oracle, DB2, SQLServer, MySQL, and other mainstream database, custom data source program, the text data source, Hibernate data source, Remedy, etc. At the same time the data source has unlimited scalability to support WebService, SOA and other standard data.
Crystal Reports only supports a single data set, in theory, support for multiple sets depends on the computing power of the database (fork by the joint or write stored procedures, etc.), multiple database support is generally difficult. Another approach is to disguise the multiple data sources into a single data source finishing, and then perform other operations, not multiple data sources in the true sense.
• Packets Adjustment, imcomplete Separate packets
Report data packets are among the most common way. Packet FineReport reporting tools, is built on a cell basis, so removing grouping, changing operations such as grouping field, you only need to operate the cell, independent of the other data in the report. In addition, in many cases, the data is not completely enumeration type grouping, but some fixed ranks, or other forms grouped by segment, FineReport report provides a user-defined groups, you only need to add some conditions to achieve an irregular grouping purposes.
Crystal Reports, all of the data model is divided in the ribbon bar which, when you delete a packet grouping related summary unit will be deleted, adjust the grouping field can only delete the reconstruction, the entire operation is relatively cumbersome, and will lead to duplication of efforts. Irregular grouping in Crystal Report which is just modify the group name can not be modified to calculate the other to follow the data.
• Data expansion and crosstabs
Extended FineReport data reporting tools, is bidirectional, that is the ranks of the symmetrical and consistent ability transverse and longitudinal directions, you can easily create cross Report (multi-layer) can be produced in the same style sheet counterparts complex header.
Crystal Reports making cross-reporting method is the use of a special cross-table model, whose header is generated automatically follow the wizard, the lack of flexibility.
• Report slice
Among complex reports, the report is divided into multiple pieces phenomenon is very common that the entire report is a big report rules, but can actually be divided into several small areas of irregular, seemingly no connection between the various regions, but the data can be correlated between the actual. FineReport With support for multiple data sources, as well as expand the ranks of the data, thus supporting the report repeat or mutual independence of each piece operation, and allows mixing fixed and variable slice.
Crystal Reports single-table model does not support fragmentation. For the fragmentation of the report, a process approach is programmed in advance to prepare the data, the other is a report by the sub-stitching to complete. Treatment rather cumbersome, and these two treatment methods are not always able to meet the requirements, the design needs of report formats.
• Interbank Group Operational
Reports often requires operation interbank group, as compared with the previous period, more than last year and so on. Cell-level coordinate concept FineReport report accurately reference any cell after an extension, then the expression common to write these interbank group operations.
Crystal Reports can easily support some fixed interbank operations, such as the cumulative value over the previous period and so on, more complex set of calculations can only be programmed in advance interbank prepare data.
Reports Display and Output
• Smilar Excel display style
Display FineReport reporting tools style, is completely analogous to Excel,the edit mode cell line alignment, which greatly facilitated the design and output of the report, and the inner grid property unit compares the freedom and flexibility, the format can be arbitrarily complex reports.
Crystal Reports are drawn using drag and drop controls reports, this program did not reflect the form of regularity, when the meter complex, the alignment is very cumbersome. And with the resolution related to the alignment of the table on the screen, on the page and print time and can not be aligned.
• Input Output
FineReport report supports single or bulk import Excel files, so you can by business people, pre-drawn like a good table, improve the efficiency of the production of the report, and bulk import, reduce repetitive work more. The generated report files can be exported as HTML, undistorted PDF, a variety of styles Excel, Word, CSV, SVG, and text files. In addition, the built-in template files can be generated.
Crystal Reports can not support the import Excel files, can only read data from Excel. It generates HTML generally only support IE; often only data loss format when exporting EXCEL, individual tools to complete relatively careful, but also heavily dependent on the degree of alignment when drawing tables, generated text only format, including data loss, can not support the character terminal report printing needs.
• Package Printing
FineReport statements are depicting underlay, absolute positioning manner Printing template rendering, users can scan bills will come in as the background image Printing with Report Designer position display data can pinpoint the location of the data.
Crystal Reports can only use the exact measure of the program, a good amount of size to set the size of the bill Printing form controls, tedious operation inefficient.
• Paging print, columns, and other print control
FineReport report provides all the print control: According to the group, or any other way to force a page break, make up an empty line.
When the tab title can be repeated, not only the head of the table, the table wide reports, which left the header can also be set to repeat display paging.
Data can be freely column, a longer report, you can follow the line of columns to display a multi-column; more columns report, you can use the column column to multi-line display them to the same page.
Crystal Reports, generally only support header repetition, not mandatory paging, make up blank lines, columns and other operations.
Form backfill to use Crystal Reports can not support the function . FineReport support backfill based on pure HTML forms, supporting all major browsers.
• Edit Style
Forms provide general text editing boxes, check boxes, drop-down list boxes, drop-down calendar, file uploads.
• Automatic calculation
Forms can support a similar function automatically calculates the EXCEL program is completed automatically calculated based on user settings to generate JavaScript expression at the front. Automatic calculation can be cross-table, multi-sheet operation and calculation with each other.
• Data consistency check
Support for backfill data validity check.
• Extension data
Allow the report between the cell and any corresponding database fields, and has the ability to automatically expand. Support any format forms backfill data.
• Backfill directly to the database
Users fill in the data, which are stored in the database directly, without intermediaries.
• Multi-level summary reporting
Report form is also statistical tables, cell data can have different origin and destination, so you can start out lower body aggregated data coupled with additional modifications after the fill to the parent database.
FineReport reports, ten times the efficiency of its watchmaking tradition reporting tool to foreign products represented.
Deployment and Application Integration
• WEB deployment
Service program FineReport reporting tools to JAR package form, can be labeled with the application package together unified deployed on an application server, installation is very easy.
Crystal Reports is a standalone server program needs to be installed separately, report files should also be deployed individually, together, and the application can not be updated.
• Support environment
FineReport statements using pure JAVA development, regardless of the Report Designer or servers can be deployed JDK support all operating systems, there are JDBC database interface, especially for UNIX / LINUX support and Windows are exactly the same. Rather than JAVA reporting tool in this respect is much more difficult.
• Rich API interface
FineReport reporting tools to the application programmer provides a clear structure, rich JAVA API calls, the report can be extended and depth control.
Crystal Reports using a separate server program, the application interface is completed by a network protocol, scarce number of interfaces, control is weak, but also seriously affect performance. HTML charts and other external resources often uses CGI primitive way, will leave difficult to manage temporary files in the file system.
• Page Integration
FineReport generated HTML reports can easily be placed in the embedded application page (JSP), and from the browser do not see the integration of third-party products.
Crystal Reports has its own separate gateway mechanism, it is difficult to embed the generated HTML pages at random, often have to bring out its own report management interface products, it is difficult to achieve seamless embedding.
- See more at:
7 years ago