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Recent posts by akshay naidu

hi, i am trying to import a table from mysql to hdfs with command ->

but i am getting this error->

note that as i run sqoop command it warns that -

i dont understand how to deal with zookeeper here.

hadoop version is hadoop-2.7.0
sqoop version is sqoop-1.4.6
mysql connector is - mysql-connector-java-5.1.39

i am able to view databases and tables in mysql using


but when i try to import it gives me error.
i've already set .bashrc.

Please someone help. Thank you.
5 years ago
2 days,, no answer yet..
5 years ago
what are best available hadoop certification..
how to prepare for them..
are there free practice [moderator edit: tests ]for hadoop certification..
thank you in advance.

i have tried these but not working
5 years ago

please help.
5 years ago
problem is now solved.
i added this line in fstab and now i am able to access the partition
5 years ago

Karthik Shiraly wrote:How did simply reinstalling Hadoop solve an IPv6/IPv4 problem? I doubt that's the whole story. Was the earlier installed hadoop an old version? I assumed it was 2.7.0 from the directory name, but doesn't look like it now.

i have no idea, yes i did reinstalled the same version wiz 2.7.0. maybe i missed some steps in previous installation

Well, you started this discussion by trying to copy this file - whatever it is - to HDFS. If you don't know what that file is or why you are copying it, how do you expect any of us to know?

i am referring hadoop definative guide, i was assuming that this 'quangle.txt' is some example text that comes with hadoop download, i dont know about it so i am trying with NCDC data of year 1901
so now =>

here 1901.txt is in /media/akshay/MyMedia/HADOOP/1901.txt

but i am not sure copy to hdfs means where exactly i have to copy it, in the code above i am trying to copy it in $HADOOP_HDFS_HOME which is @

i also tried this but 'no such directory' shows up =>
5 years ago
the java connectExecption error is gone..i guess reinstalling helped. but now =>

i dont know what is this file 'quangle.txt' and i have no idea about the addresses too.
5 years ago

just reinstalled hadoop and now
port 9000 is there. now what.
should i do those checks
5 years ago
this =>

5 years ago
i am learning hadoop,
created new user - hdpusr
unable to access MyMedia (/dev/sda3). i've kept this drive for all the hadoop related installations,etc

5 years ago

5 years ago
i did restarted the hadoop services

did it again
5 years ago
i did added "-Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true" last time too but it wasnt saved i guess..

again i changed and saved it and the following are responses

sudo netstat -antp=>

5 years ago
bashrc file. and yes this is the file i've editing for tutorials and for book

5 years ago