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Tom Van der Auwera

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since Jan 23, 2015
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Recent posts by Tom Van der Auwera

I have done an home automation project before.
I was spending more time on making the http server to work then the actual controlling of the hardware.
I just don't want to bother with the http server party anymore.
5 years ago
Hi everyone,

I'm currently in the design phase of my home automation program.

Here is the setup i'm thinking about:
- Raspberry pi: Tomcat & java
- Arduino: Hardware (relays, ...)

My main issue is that i don't know which technologies i should use to make work what i have in mind.

This is what i have in mind.

The arduino is just a simple slave to the raspberry pi.
Whatever command the PI gives (over usb serial), the arduino executes.
The arduino also gives feedback to the pi (ex: when a hardware wall button is being pressed).

On the Pi part, i was considering to use JSF for the frontend stuff (with tomcat).
For the backend stuff (also on the pi) i'm not quite sure.
The backend handling should be a program that's constantly running and listening for data from the arduino. I'll call it the "background daemon" for now.
On the other side, JSF needs to be able to talk to this background daemon.
It is really important that this background daemon is running 24/7 to be up to date on the status of the house.

For the record, Jave EE is new to me.
In the past i have created a home automation program before (java SE), but this was much more scaled down.
It included it's own webserver (own code), but was hard to manage, therefore my intrest in tomcat and JSF.

Can someone point me in the right direction?
5 years ago