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Recent posts by Leslie Chaim

Agree, it's not J2MED related but the question is not for beginners.

One way to achive this is with rsh (or remsh) on Windows, but you'll run into other issues such as security and what to put in the .rhosts file which you may want to address in the Unix/Linux forum.

Assuming you have rsh on Windows either natively (in C:\WINNT\system32) or from cygwin you first should test if you can run it bare bones from the cmd line.

Test if this works from a DOS window.

Then you simply put that line to your Process.exec...
[ December 01, 2004: Message edited by: Leslie Chaim ]
17 years ago
PB: BTW your question is not Unix or Linux related.

Not so sure... :roll:

I talked about 'tools', 'uuencode' and my entire job runs on Unix, I also asked 'that I was looking for tool to be used in Unix'... I think it's at least related to Unix. Otherwise, please suggest which forum you'd pick for that?

BTW, your answer has nothing to do with Unix Nevertheless, it's a great solution and I'll use it in the future. Hey, has anyone created such a tool in Java? I am trying to avoid re-inventing the wheel.

Anyway, if I had to write this tool I think I'd resort to my favorite text-processing language: Perl and the Spreadsheet module.
[ November 29, 2004: Message edited by: Leslie Chaim ]
17 years ago
Understood and makes sense.

So then let me ask specifcally for Excel:

Does such a tool or idea exist?
17 years ago
Using Shell/Perl/C/SQL I create a CSV file which is then sent as an email attachment with uuencode (from Unix SunOS).

I need to send another (spreadsheet) file but would like that to be as a second tab in the above spreadsheet and not a second file.

Any thoughts on how to combine two CSV files as one spreadsheet?

Thanks in advance,

[ November 24, 2004: Message edited by: Leslie Chaim ]
17 years ago
You had a 10" water line that broke down. Unfortunately, there's only 1" pipe available for replacement.

How many 1" pipes is needed (and why/how) to replace the one 10"?


18 years ago
Twice is nice

Here's what Help->About gives me:

How do I figure out if I have the RC3 build without pain killers?
I am new to Eclipse, how to I find out which build it is?
At startup, there's the "Workspace Launcher" with the check box "Use this as the default and do not ask again".

Well, I keep on checking this box and it keeps asking me

* I am using 3.0
* The directory is on a network drive


here requires a user/pass to the eclipse dev site How about the link to JDJ?

Remote debugging is great, sure, but even for local debugging you save so much time with an IDE. Hey, Lanny did you ever try to use jdb?

In any case an IDE is great for all the above reasons mentioned but the caption of this forum still reads real programmers use vi But let not your heart be troubled there's a vi-plugin available for Eclipse
Is there any standard helper method (or tool) to check for well formed XML (in a given file)?

I'd prefer something simple from the (*nix) command line.


echo $PATH | tr ':' '\n'
18 years ago
try these commands

which java
type java
whereis java

What do you get?
18 years ago
I'll clarify my question with a perl snippet :roll:

The -t STDOUT returns true if the standard output is a screen or tty/console blah, blah, blah.
I'm looking for the equivalent in Java.
Specifically, I want to provide a progress report of my application if the user is running it from the command line
I hope that it�s cleared up now
18 years ago
How can I test if my System.out is connected to at tty or console/terminal/screen?
18 years ago
I think I tried it unknowingly
I am new to XML parsing and after I wrote my parse I saw someone else's code and how they do the translation manually which prompted me for this post.
However, I looked at my output and among other things it also has:

So there you go
Imagine how much time I�ll save when I�ll tell my collogue that the XML2STR method can be omitted when parsing the 5 GB file!