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I have the .jar file and I was able to open it with winrar and extract everything to a desktop folder
6 years ago
Can you guys think of a website with resources where I can see simple java code in action? I mean like a program that calculates a coin flip chances, 50/50?

I know I can right click on games and some website apps and see code, but it's 10000 lines and not all of it makes sense.

Looking for a refresher set of code lines if that makes any sense.
I mean beyond the most basic "hello world" applications that just generate one printout line

6 years ago
So say I write up a program like a dice roll game, which I see on the forums here. It's all written and good to go and when I hit Run it does what I want it to do, no errors, etc.
What then?

What do I do with those .class and .java files? Do I compile it somehow into an app I can put on the google play store? What is the NEXT STEP after the program is all written? I think I'm talking about Deployment
really confused here
6 years ago
i have an older file I was working on 2 months ago and when i try to open it in eclipse I get a message corruption error. I know this is not possible since I was just working on it a while back, and it's the same program version as what i am currently using.... ideas to fix?
Or would I do a file import instead?

thank you
6 years ago
valid superclass for defining a custom wrapper type?

thinking integer?
6 years ago
objective: have result displayed as a number between 1 and 10

I know i need to have (<= 10) and (>=1) conditions but any other code line suggestions?
Looking to run from console command line first, so Println, right?
6 years ago
i use textpad++ which is a simple editor. can handle javascript, html, css, etc
has text highlighting and recognizes your html, javascript, etc
free and simple easy to use
6 years ago
not sure why i want to mess around with cms

working on my own personal portfolio website at the moment
i've run my own ftp and domain before so this is familiar territory

my plan is to have about a dozen websites of business, services, etc stuff that's in the real world. That would be my "portfolio." How does that sound?

would you have other works? I'm thinking of adding some art relavent to web design, as i've done a ton of graphic art. I also have skills in Java programming, 3d modeling, etc but my website would be just web design work. looking for your opinion there
ok cool, thanks.

Could you suggest some web design, html, and or css places online forums to post? I don't want to get banned on here for posting web design questions on a coding forum
my questions are piling up, the more that i learn, ha

thank you and i've learned a lot here already
on a side note, i have a web design question

so i have a firm grasp of HTML5 (old tech still?). CSS, working on CSS3. I am learning javascript, jquery and some PHP. A question: My workflow is as follows, i want to know if it's bad.... i make the base webpage inside of an editor program, ie texpad ++, and then review its output online and then write in any javascript or additional CSS for interaction, movements, etc. I have several "templates" of websites I've made for people like a cooking website, educational site, massage clinic, etc. For a new project I usually just copy and paste snippets of the old code into the new project I am working on, say a construction company. Obviously displayed text and images would be different.

Is this a common practice workflow or bad??

Sorry if wrong place, but i see coderanch has no place for web design
know any good current sites that have active users? Getting serious into this now and need to expand my contacts list

thank you so much
Ok good. I am much more familiar with HTML/CSS world. I have sub to Lynda and have been watching videos on Javascript, CSS3, and Jquery.

SQL, or called sequel, what is that used for? Servers? It's it's own language?
6 years ago
ok well the ad pops up and i see no way to close it
doesn't seem very professional site if so hard to get to

some basic questions..

1. what is difference between java programmer and developer?
2. what does front-end development work? and back end? Is this like client and server relationship?
3. my instructor said applets are not used that often so would it be a bad idea to get into that, outdated tech? i still see demand for it when i do an indeed job search.
4. what very entry level job should i search for? a developer or junior programmer? terms are a bit confusing

thank you guys very helpful
6 years ago
what do I do with the apose site?
I'm confused with it's purpose

as for a "portfolio" do programmers have one? I mean what do I have? A flash drive with name.class files or full on compiled apps?
6 years ago
So long story short, I got my college degree in Graphic Design from a 4 year college. Fast forward 3 years and no job except working at gas stations, grocery stores, etc. A friend of a friend said since I did some HTML/CSS work programming might be up my alley. I signed up and took 2 intense crash courses in "Fundamentals of Java" and "Java Programming." It was an online live class with visible instructor. I felt I learned a lot and not so intimidated by coding. Granted, it's a very deep field, much more than HTML, but it's similar in a way I find comforting. I tried a practice test before the Associates Certification and got a 20% which is pretty poor. Makes me wonder. So I'm working on small projects and trying to build up a portfolio of a sort. My main question is, what sort of SIMPLE java programs can I code and show off for employers while pursuing the two certifications down the road??

I have the video recordings of my two week courses I can review, many hours, and I have a 3 month sub to Lynda and have been watching the Java videos there. Not sure where else I should go for more information to just really drown myself in Java? Are the Oracle forums friendly to new comers at all?

Thank you and first post!
6 years ago