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I don't recommend to go for a university course. because I didnot attend any of these courses, I also got around 90% in both of exams of OCA. Also one of my friend don't recommend me to go for a course by his courses experiences.
Just got my SCWCD. Want to get XML and UML in the near future. but not sure which one I should start first. Is anyone have idea about it?
Thank you in advance!
Just got my SCWCD. Want to get XML and UML in the near future. but not sure which one I should start first. Is anyone have idea about it?
Thank you in advance!
Yes, "set it to True" is to tell the container that "OK, I have make sure that this jsp page is thread-safe, you can call multiple threads on this instance".
hi, Nancy,
Sorry, I have no idea for the book in Canada. I bought it online from www.booksamillion.com with free shipping. Good luck!
19 years ago
hi, mark,
I didn't play too much with Apache and Tomcat. and I also didn't see them in my exam questions.
However, I has used Apache and Tomcat for a long time and I had some projects requiring Apache and Tomcat as servers. Now I am using Apache 1.3.14 and Apache 2.0 with Tomcat 4 (I always use the latest release versions if no specific requirement on them.)
If just for the exam, I think that just Tomcat 4 is fine, and there is no need for Apache.
19 years ago
Hi, ranchers,
First of all, I give my great appreciate for your guys and this forum. Though I didn't give much dissution here, yet I got lots of helpful information.

I spent around two weeks in clearing this exam. I got errors on one question in isSecure(), and two questions in thread-safe questions.
the materials I used include:
More Servlet and JSP;
SCWCD Study Kit;(with JWebPlus+)
Servlet and JSP APIs;
Servlet and JSP specifications;
I would recommend Study Kit with JWebPlus, plus APIs and specifications for this exam. More Servlet and JSP book is good, but it is not for the exam study.
and I would recommend to remember all of the required web.xml elements and TLD elements so that some very sample questions will not get confuse.
Get a clear APIs study is good for this exam. and specification will help you understand some more deep content.

19 years ago
I ordered this book with another book from www.booksamillion.com 5 days ago. They shipped it and they will arrive at tommorrow by ups. Lower price than amazon if you get the membership, or same price.
Actually, it will depend on which direction you will go. If you want to go for a programmer/developer, OCP is not so important though it still gives you more credits. If you want to go for some database related jobs, not just programmer/developer, OCP will be great.
In any case, OCA will be very helpful at the first place.
Oracle Certified Professional Developer is retiring.
Just read all the thread. It seems that I need this book though I had More Servlets and Java Server Pages by Marty Hall. Thanks.
booksamillion.com also says 350pages for SCWCD Exam Study Kit.
this index show 530 pages http://www.manning.com/getpage.html?project=deshmukh&filename=toc.html
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Hello, my friends, just passed it and say thanks!
Some experiences in C/C++, VB, DELPHI;
Few experiences in Java;
Preparation (Around one week preparation, not very concentrated):
Go through twice for the book: Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2;
Go through once for the recommended book: The Complete Java 2 Certification Study Guide in one day; (by the way, the third version of this book has been published recently, but I did not get it)
Take one mock exam: Marcus green - Exam1 (76%)
Passed it by 67% (//shamed for the score, but still happy for having passed it!)
Take some more mock exams and questions would be much helpful for the exam.

Is there anyone who know a good website for Oracle Certification just like this website? Thanks in advance!
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19 years ago