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Recent posts by Adam Micek

Hi everyone!

Please recommend open-source Java web applications that exemplify the most common enterprise software architectures like:
- layered;
- SOA;
- event-driven;
- microkernel;
- microservices;
- etc.

What I'm looking for is an end-user enterprise web application like Trello, Slack, hotel booking, warehouse tracking, online courses (stuff that is used directly by typical business users like sales managers, warehouse staff, tutors etc).

The ideal project would be an clean example of a specific architecture using Java, OOP and popular frameworks like Spring and Hibernate (not a crazy hybrid of 5 architecture styles and 3 programming paradigms) in the form of an end-user web app (not an IDE, tool, framework or middleware). **The main idea is a good educational effect via unambiguity in the choice of architecture style and paradigm, and clarity and structure of the project.**

I believe these are the kinds of projects a typical entry-level and mid-level Java developer will be involved in professionally, so I think a nice list of these will greatly benefit this vast category of developers and help them transition from writing code to thinking like an architect.


P.S. Yes, I've done a lot of googling and most projects offered by open-source communities are coding tools, frameworks or middleware like JUnit, Hibernate or Elasticsearch.
Hi guys!

I'm learning to program in Java (specifically Java EE for web developement) and immediately I felt like the need for a huge roadmap to guide me through. So along the way I've been building this huge mind map to encompass and structure everything I learned, everything I think I'll need to learn, and how it relates to one another - in terms of doing web development in Java.

The mind map (downloadable and editable) is here:

I'm looking forward to make it the most comprehensive Java EE Programming mind map ever to structure knowledge for myself and for other beginners.

Feel free to download and explore the mind map. Comments and contributions are highly appreciated!

Preview of map:

7 years ago