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Recent posts by Gordon Pallado

We are hunting for memory leaks on the application we have and to do this, we used both core dumps and garbage collection analysis.

Its just weird that we could not match the garbage collection data to the data in the core dump. For example:

At 8:00am, doing a core dump showed that 400MB of 512MB is being currently consumed by the application. Looking at the garbage collection data, the Used Tenured parameter (both before and after) at 8:00am showed value nowhere near that.

Is it really suppose to match or not? it should be right?

or is it really not possible to get a snapshot of memory consumption at a particular time using native_stderr.log garbage collection data? and this can only be done using forced heap dump
9 years ago
We currently have a bankng application that uses local EJBs. Its has the combined tier architecture (jsp,servlets and ejb in one ear file in one server). The EJB we use has a number of calls to three different mainframe web sevices in its methods. Now, there has been a drive to move our business layer into another server for more flexible load balancing or clustering. The EJBs would now be called remotely.

This is what worries me. Is it a bad idea to have ejbs calling different interfaces as remote ejbs?... I mean, this would only add more networks round trips and point of failures. First is remotely calling the ejb, then the ejb would call a web service. A lot of round trips before the caller receives the response. Do i really have to worry about this and disagree not to move the ejbs out? or do you think the benefits of this will outweigh the drawbacks?

thanks and good day to y'all :-)