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Recent posts by sola yemi

Thanks James, I have subscribed and gone through the course, as I did not find any other indept forums, I also bought Sun's practice test for $75, I plan to take the part 1 certification next week, and part2 before January ends, as I need to be conversant with the Solaris environment for my next job. Cramsession site is also quite helpful for others outthere who also want to combine Solaris with Java(best language of all time) .
20 years ago
I found this site extremely useful during my time of studying for my SCJP certification, which was about a year ago, I have become addicted to this great site ever since, I am now studying for Solaris certificatio, is there someone out there who know a site that can be useful, I know nothing beats this site, if I could get something half as good as this, I will be very happy.
20 years ago
I passed the programmer exam, after studying intensively(as my schedule allowed) for about 6 months, I knew next to nothing about programming this time last year, and never even knew I could learn a "hard " language like Java, I went to a training school which claimed it will teach me Java in 2 weeks, what I paid for at the end of the 2 weeks, as far as I was concerned was the training Manual.
I studied with the Manual, Jvaranch, Marcos Green( God Bless you) and the internet, did not buy any books. also bought a software off the internet( JQuest, which ended up being my saving grace). the exam was tough for me which accounted for my 67% score. I got alot of long lines of codes, and I must have had atleast 7 codes longer than 12 lines, one was 27 lines.
Thanks alot to all you guys at JavaRanch, I wouldn't have made it without you guys, I am thinking of learning abut servlets, osing Bean, XML, and E-commerce solution, my focus is Telecommunications.
I want to encourage all the guys studying for the exam to keep at it, you can make it, if I did, at first attempt.
21 years ago
Dear Jonathan, Kindly send me the documents too, thanks in advance.

Originally posted by Jonathan Jeban:
Based on the feedbacks posted by those who have taken up the exam (after 4th oct), I have made a little document.
If u are interested I will send it to you.
(Hope that will help u in some way )
[This message has been edited by Jonathan Jeban (edited October 16, 2000).]

thanks to you all guys, i think I understand the question now. but i sure hope i do not get a variation of this in the real thing.
Thanks for the info about the overflow, if i'd seen this in the exam, i would have been totally confused, thanks again.

Originally posted by Paul Anil:
That's correct. ( but only if there is no overflow etc.) For eg. It won't work in cases like this:
int x = 128;
byte b = (byte) ~x; //here b will be 127! Now figure it out.

public class test{
public static void main(String args[]){
byte x=3;
the ~ operator simply works like this.
~X is the same as (-X)-1: //just change the sign and deduct 1.
//in this case
~x = (-3)-1
which is the same as -4.
Can someone kindly explain why the answer should be option 3, since only a copy of the local variable x was passed into y, and not the variable itself, I thought the answer should have been never, or is there something else I should learn.

4. Given:
public class X {
public void m(Object x) {
x = new Integer(99);
Integer y = (Integer)x;
y = null;
System.out.println("x is" + x);
When is the Integer object, created in line 3, eligible for garbage collection?
just after line 4
just after line 5
just after line 6 (that is, as the method returns)
when the calling method sets the argument it passed into this method to null
After taking the first round of tests and a score 100%, whenever I click for the next round, the game comes up with a single question and one answer option, and susequently hangs, is this how it was designed to run? to play again, you'd have to start the process as if you were logging in for the first time.
21 years ago