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Recent posts by SunilK Chauhan

Hi guys,

Our organization is trying to make us strong in Go Lang language. So we are finding best certification course to conduct training and have it's valuable certificate.

Can you guys suggest me any?

Sunil Chauhan
4 months ago
Currently I am working on Microservices based project since long and here we are shifting projects from Java to node for the same purpose.

Here i can Check as the project being shifted from Java to node js. Purpose is same but only thing is memory consumption is less compare to have java app.

This the reason i am saying.
My question is I am using mocha, but don't know how to check code coverage in node app inside vs code?

So this is my original question like how to check code coverage of node js app in vs code?
Can you please elaborate more as I don't understand what are you asking by cite?
Hi, I am using mocha as test runner for my node js application.
Hi all,

I am thinking like in today's market Microservices are very demanding. And seems like apps like low in memory consumption and giving the same features compare to others is booming.

So I think node js is the language which comes as best in those parameters and also it can provide the same features by consuming less memory compare to java.

And also node can handle more requests than Java for the same api build.

So is it true that node js will be the replacement of Java in future?

Anu suggestions are welcome.

Yes I have used standard js and installed it globally, seems working fine and very helpful. Thanks for your time and suggestion.

I am using NODE JS for my projects and there is a problem to maintain code coverage by writing test cases.

Can you please let me know how to measure code coverage in VS CODE or in any other IDE so it can be improve better.

Hi, I am using Node JS to do my projects mostly by I have to manually improve coding standards and it is causing much time for me in vs code.

Is there any way to have best plug inside vs code which can immediately show the hits while development to improve coding standard?

It will be better and save developers time.

Also let me know if any other IDE if if it more benefits than VS CODE.

Anu suggestions are appreciated.


I am using only below way to check if variable is null or not.
But is there any better to check in node js?

var a = '' ;
if (a == '') {}

Hi guys,

How to get Parent info from the child ID only. Here i have parent has many child relation ship. (one-to-many relationship)

below is the example to clarify more:

Now if i have child ID only, how to get related parent info ?
1 year ago

I want to make POJO attribute optional for JSON response on certain condition.

Like below is my POJO for example.

Here in response of this POJO class, we get both the attributes whether values are available or not.
But i want that on certain condition, Attribute 'b' should pass and on false condition it should not pass in response.

I think we can set conditional setter for it but don't know how to set it.

Can you please help me on this ?
1 year ago
There are so many new versions available. As softwares are getting upgrade to new features, they need newer version mostly.
So go with new version but don't forget older version also because most of softwares are already developed with the older version only.
1 year ago