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Recent posts by Kaleem Anwar

congratulations!! Could you please tell me how much time you took for preparation and what is the toughness level of the real exam? Thanks

5 years ago

Nil. Hatamova wrote:Why in the second code s1 does not change but in the first code it changes?
1.output is one two three
2.output is one two one three

But i thought output for second code will be "one two one two three";

The thing you are missing is in the second code, when s1 is passed to alter method it is treated as a local method reference variable referring to "one" , once the alter methods changes the s1 like s1 = s1 + "two" , s1 start referring to a different object on heap whereas the original s1 string remain unchanged still referring to "one"and that's why its result in this one two one three. Hope you understand.


Antriksh Verma wrote:Hello Kaleem Anwar , Exam involves questions from each and every topic , Be sure you have deep knowledge .
Even if you solve lot of dumps , make sure you.... code code code

The level of questions in exam is very easy(Only to those who have coded and have deeper understanding) as compared to practice exams but the questions were tricky. You should be able to catch the trickier part.
Do Killer Exam series dump also , i have revised book notes thrice , practice exams and dumps(all the possible questions) thrice before taking exam

I will suggest you to learn a lotttttt during this process of preparation , only then you will enjoy getting certified !!

All the very very Best , just Focus Focus Focus ..

Thanks Antriksh. The most difficult topic to handle or understand for me is Collections. How the questions are posted in the real exam for this topic? Thanks
5 years ago

Antriksh Verma wrote:Hello Kaleem Anwar, Thanks !!

Sure , do you have Kaithey Seirra and Bert Bates SCJP Exam book , Go through it atleast 2 times first of all , Do all the Practice Exams properly , Code each and every concept , Do not leave any doubts .
Then Go for Practice Exam Book from Kaithy Seirra and Bert Bates .

All The best !

Yeah, reading through the Kaithey Seirra and Bert Bates SCJP Exam book. So far going good. Please sure your experience with respect to actual exam i.e, the contents and toughness level? Thanks.
5 years ago

Antriksh Verma wrote:Hello Java geeks .. Passed Ocjp 6 exam with 100% , now i will upgrade my certification level

Let me know if i can guide you in some way , many of you must be targeting for ocjp7 or 8 , Best Wishes !!

Many Congratulations Antriksh . I am preparing for the same exam, could you please guide and help both in terms of preparation and real exam contents? Thank you so much.

5 years ago
5 years ago

Jhonson Fernando wrote:Congratulations! Good that you have selected this exam before it gets retired from Oracle. Great score.

Hi Jhonson,

Is there tentative date when this exam is retiring?

saw mon wrote:I read MCGrawHill-SCJP Pratice Exam6 by Kathy Sierra for five times.
I took free mock exams on and I study those questions again and again.before go to exam room;I study teo minute drills.and if i have problems;i post help in coderanch.

What score is good enough while taking exams from so that one is confident to go for real exam?

saw mon wrote:Hi all;
Today I passed scjp6 exam with 90%.I deeply thank to all members who try to answer my exam questions while i was trying for exam.
I took free mock exam on deeply thank to also.
Have a nice day.

Congratulations saw mon, great score

Could you please share your preparation details and exam experience? Thanks.

Stephan van Hulst wrote:

We now have the Concurrency API, with types such as Lock, CountDownLatch and Semaphore. If the language designers had added these in the first version of Java, then they could have left the wait(), notify() and notifyAll() methods out.

Is this mean that these methods are deprecated or will be deprecated in future?
5 years ago

Could you please elaborate, why is it required to have a synchronized code to call notify() & other related methods from Object?

5 years ago

Devaka Cooray wrote:
Free offer!

At this stage, I need help from awesome people to test around and give me some private and personal feedback! If you are reading this on Coderanch, reply to this thread saying something like "please let me join the course", and I'll take in the first 3 users doing that for free (might take around 24 hours to process). Please note that your coderanch account's email should be valid and reachable. I'll edit the subject and remove this paragraph as soon as we get three users in.

If there is some free spot available,please consider me as well. Thanks.


Scott Selikoff wrote:No, a static method that returns a reference to an object is not always a static factory method. As stated earlier, the class has to implement the factory pattern, which is a conceptual pattern, not an interface.

sorry i am not getting it

Does the calendar class in java implemented that factory pattern?? What actual features the method have once we call it a static factory method and what it deprived off if we call it a simple static method in Java. Also, how it can be translated to the actual code in Java.