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Recent posts by Rodrigo Vasconcelos

Hi, I would like to tell you about my preparation for the exam 1Z0-899:

1 - I read Head First Servlets & JSP;
2 - I read the specs of Servlets, JSP and JSTL;
3 - I read OCEJWCD Study Companion of Charles Lyons. In the mock exam in the final of the book I got 71%.
4 - I resolved the questions of the book Java Practice Questions with an average grade of 54%;
5 - I resolved the questions of Enthuware mock exams with the following grades: 57%, 71%, 78%, 75%, 79%, 79%, 82%, 86%, 86% and 77%.

Finally, in 2018-12-19 I took the real exam and passed with 94%.

2 years ago
I passed in the certification 1Z0-804 in May, 7, 2015 and I would like to share my study program.
First, I read the book Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 7 Programmer Exams 1Z0-804 and 1Z0-805: A Comprehensive OCPJP 7 Certification Guide (Expert's Voice in Java) byS.G. Ganesh. In the end there are two mock exams and I got 70% and 68%.
After I read all the tutorials related with the exam in the Oracle site.
Finally I bought mock exams from Enthuware. In these mock exams I got 62%, 65%, 65%, 74%, 66% and 71%.
In the real test I got 73%.
6 years ago