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Recent posts by John Cruz

Jaikiran Pai wrote:You can deploy the .war in exploded format and changes to .jsp files will be picked up automatically without requiring a redeploy of the application or restart of the server

Thanks. The link you gave helped.
6 years ago
Thank you for the reply. That is interesting.

Today, I tried again and surpridingly, I was able to work with Eclipse Mars + m2eclipse maven plugin for eclipse + eclipse-embedded maven.

Basically here is my findings:

1. I had issues when creating new project using m2eclipse. The error is like 'connection refused'. This is even if the proxy is already set into the maven setting.xml.
2. No issues when I use an existing project already. I click 'Configure' then choose something like 'convert to maven project'. This made the pom.xml and eclipse work together, e.g. when pom.xml is edited, the project is rebuild automatically.

In summary, I only got the issue when creating a new project using the m2eclipse plugin and choosing to create based on an artifact (pattern).
6 years ago

Anyone had issues also?

Issues: proxy already given to maven, and eclipse installed with maven plugin and proxy set up, yet some actions seem to not see the proxy setting.

My dirty workaround now is to use my mobile connection, which is expensive. It is slow, but I am able to continue my work.

Any tips?
6 years ago

Mike. J. Thompson wrote:Is definitely say RAM and SSD will fix the majority of slow downs. My dev machine has 28GB of RAM and a 500GB SSD. I definitely notice the difference when I use my much more modest home pc.

They don't help network issues though. If I make the mistake of saving files to a network share things slow down a lot, particularly checking out from repositories.

That do sound like a dream machine.

For today, I increased my memory by 4 gig; it is now 8 gig (sadly, my motherboard can only take up to 8 gig).

It is now:
i5 quad core cpu
8 gig ram

I opened applications and here are their MEMORY allocations:
mysql: half gig
Spring STS: half gig
firefox 300mb
eclipse: 300mb
oracle db: 175mb
sqldeveloper: 170mb
chrome 100mb (many instances)

sts and mysql seems huge.

anyway, things look better. Maybe I can later just upgrade to a better motherboard, more cpu core, higher RAM, and SSD when opportunity arrives.

I wonder if that Windows Task Manager statistics on Physical Memory matters.
It has:
Cached:3.5 gig
Available:3.5 gig
Free: 0

I assume what matters above is the Available.
6 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:It will be much more cost‑effective (and much easier) to add extra RAM than to buy an SSD.

Thanks. I will try out and see.
6 years ago

Tim Cooke wrote:

John Cruz wrote:(specs: hdd, 4gig ram)

That's hardly a full spec for anyone to draw any conclusions from. Lots of open questions: What CPU? How old is the machine? Who makes it? Disk capacity? Is the disk full? Windows? Mac? Linux? Do you have a load of junk installed on it?

You see, there's lots of reasons why a machine runs slow. I recommend investigating what the bottleneck is. What resource have you saturated while running all your stuff.

OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Free Hdd space: 100 gig
RAM: 4gig

Basically, although it is my personally-owned pc, I dont install much software as I need it for development. I make sure I dont set software as auto-windows-start-as-service.

During Slow down:
Memory usage: 1 gig occupied by eclipse, mysql, firefox, chrome, etc. Even when I close the 2 browsers, the slowness is still there.
What else is running: When I run eclipse and mysql, it already starts to slow down. Spring STS also is very slow (not sure if isolated to STS).

I think, just like Bear said, increasing that RAM, and then converting the HDD to SDD, will help a lot.

6 years ago
Thanks for the tip Tim.

When many apps are running, I am starting to feel I am back to working on the IBM Mainframe client console. I have to blink many times before cursor moves one step. (specs: hdd, 4gig ram)
6 years ago
re:development hardware specs that worked for you


What is the specs of your PC if it works for you well, for productivity, speed, etc. when developing android apps, or JEE applications?

e.g. sdd drive, 8 gig ram, etc.

Sometimes we need stuff like eclipse, mysql, etc. running on our PC.

What specs satisfied you?
6 years ago
If you wish, below will let you continue. This is dangerous as it gives full access to all applets loaded by the java installation. You may want to remove ASAP after your testing, to be safe that applets you load later are not given FULL access unnecessarily.

Find the java.policy file in your java installation.

Add below at the top of the file.

(If there are more than 1 java installation in your PC, put it in the one that your applet uses; if you are not sure how to find out which, just put it on all the java installations.)

(java.policy is very specific. You can give access to specific packages, specific actions, etc. That code above gives access to EVERYTHING, like deleting files in your harddisk, etc..)
7 years ago
Yes, you need it.

But if it is only for personal use, like Tony said, you can self-sign. In addition, if it is for personal use only, there is also the alternative of editing the java.policy file if you dont want to sign the jar.
7 years ago
Take note, the 'codebase' attribute says where the jars should be. For your case, if you put the 2 jars inside the 'archive' attribute, you should copy the jsoup jar in the same folder as your main jar.
7 years ago
There are 2 ways. You can either unjar the jsoup jar and put them all together with your jar, or specify both jars in the 'archive' attribute in your html.


7 years ago
Can you check or alert out the size of the string? If the size is correct, it is possible that only the display is incomplete due to the limitations of the alert popup. The data may actually be there and complete.
Yes you must pay again.

The certificate will only show that you passed. It will not say that it is a retake or that you failed previously. It is as if you passed the first time.
'completely ineffectual' means? That nothing is happening when you click?

Try add debug statements. For example, do a println, when the event is caught. Another while the event is being processed. Until you find where it stopped.
7 years ago