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If you are staying in downtown area then the good Indian restaurents are "Jaipur Palace" on Hubbard st and "Bukhara" on Adam's and Ontario.
IF you are staying in Schaumburg area then India Garden is good.
17 years ago
Also you can query that your class is loaded in database schema with valid status or not using
select object_name,status
from user_objects
where Object_type ='JAVA CLASS';
For objects to be valid you should use the
-resolve option of loadjava.
You will have to publish the call specs for methods you want to use.
18 years ago
loadjava command is used to store the java classes to oracle database schema
you can see all the options using
loadjava -help
There is little difference based on the driver you are using thin or oci
for thin driver it is
loadjava -user username/password@host ort:SID -thin nameofclass.class
where -user option will load in the schema of user "username".
I hope it helps.
[ August 08, 2002: Message edited by: swati gupta ]
I don't know why the face with tongue out is displaying there I want to write host port sid with : in between.
[ August 08, 2002: Message edited by: swati gupta ]
18 years ago
Will the changes in java version from 2 to 4 will impact the SCWCD exam also?
It depends on the Supervisor,Manager and company. I had told my Supervisor in Feb'02 that I will be moving to -Burlington(Boston) in Aug'02 due to personal reasons and if I can get transferred to Boston then it will be good otherwise I will have to leave the job. He talked to higher Managers and inquired about it and realised that my company has IT dept in springfield(MA) not in Boston and that's very far around 90 miles from Burlington and its too much commute for me so my chances to leave this job are getting more. I am still working with the same company after declaring in Feb '02 and will leave my job gracefully.

Then I willbe in Boston Job Market.
[ July 09, 2002: Message edited by: swati gupta ]
18 years ago
How much it cost? Is it worth the cost(labour +Controlller and HD cost). As we saw some towers on Internet for 699 with quite good features.
18 years ago
Excellent. Shows the hard Work. Is it done by one person or a team involved.
You need to advertise to get more hits.
I thing some links are not working and you might be working on this.
Any way. Great JOB !!!
18 years ago
I have old m/c bought in 1998 packard bell system with 233 MHZ speed and 48 MB RAM. This system is extremly slow. Also its keep on accessing hard drive and makes noise while accessing hard drive. We don't use it much and posponding to buy a new one as we have a laptop. But I want to make it faster so that I can use it comfortably for MS-Office and Internet.
Any suggestion will be appreciated.
[ July 04, 2002: Message edited by: swati gupta ]
18 years ago
Congratulations Geetha!!!
18 years ago
Not now Thiru. Its very hard to work on something and spend all evenings and weekends studying something else. Also I have other things to take care of. Although I am keeping in touch with javaranch to collect the feedback about materials etc. but I will think about the next step only after 2 months that might be SCWCD or Oracle Developer.
Why did you decide SCJP first then SCWCD I think SCWCD will take less time to prepare. Am i right?
Wish you all the best for future exams.
18 years ago

Is there any way to print the whole document then printing each page?

never mind. I found out the way.
Congratulations Thiru.
18 years ago
Thanks Anthony.
I am just wondering that new books for SCWCD cert like from Heller and Manning pub will be sufficient for exam with some online notes?
I don't own any book related to this exam so want
to buy the book which I will read fully.
Which book should be the first to read? I am confused to see a list of around 5-6 books.

You could go to this website:

Is this a reliable website? Throws many pages while surfing. Any one has any idea about this?