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Yes I did but did not find that useful. Do you have any other suggestions?
[ October 25, 2003: Message edited by: C Wong ]
I am looking for the same stuff.
I am trying to register and take the SCWCD test usign the Prometric website (www.2test.com), I was told to purchase voucher or to provide a promotion code for this test.
However, when I read the voucher order form, it rquires me to purchase minium 3 vouchers. I am confused as I used to register and take test before without any problem.
I would appreciate some one who had taken the test recently and explain to me the process. Is there any toll free number to call? Thanks.
Hi Olli, according to the tutorial (at section: Learning by example: your first Struts application), there is no mention of struts-config.xml yet. However, the web.xml has a reference to it. That could be the cause of problem that Tomcat could not create a web application called "registeruser". I still have a same problem after creating the struts-config.xml.
---- web.xml -------
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<!DOCTYPE web-app
PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD Web Application 2.2//EN"
<!-- Action Servlet Configuration -->

<!-- Resources bundle base class -->

<!-- Context-relative path to the XML resource containing Struts configuration information -->

<!-- The debugging detail level for this servlet, which controls how much information is logged. -->

<!-- Action Servlet Mapping -->

<!-- The Welcome File List -->
<!-- Application Tag Library Descriptor -->
<!-- Struts Tag Library Descriptors -->

------ struts-config.xml --------
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<!DOCTYPE struts-config PUBLIC
"-//Apache Software Foundation//DTD Struts Configuration 1.0//EN"
<!-- Logon form bean -->
<form-bean name="loginForm"

<forward name="mainmenu" path="/mainmenu.jsp" />

<!-- Process a user logon -->
<action path="/login"

17 years ago
I am new to Struts. I followed the Jakarta Struts - A beginner's tutorial by Isabelle but have a problem in running the first example.
I should see a directory listing with files by entering http://localhost:8080/registeruser/
The error message:
HTTP Status 404 - /registeruser/
type Status report
message /registeruser/
description The requested resource (/registeruser/) is not available.
My Tomcat Apache Tomcat/4.1.18 is working fine. I could use it to run other examples.
I am not using Eclipse but I have created:
the index.jsp in webapps\registeruser
web.xml in webapps\registeruser\WEB-INF.
The struts.jar is copied to \webapps\registeruser\WEB-INF\lib.
I would appreciate if someone could help me to solve this problem in order to continue with the tutorial.
Thank you in advance.
17 years ago
Thank you Chi Lin.
It is working now. I missed those users entries.
I have trouble in running the sample from Chapter 9 - the POST feature. The GET option is working OK.
When entering user bob, a dialog (Connect to localhost) pops up asking for user name and password. It is NOT an HTML page, it is a dialog from the XP system. By entering bob as user name and bbb as pw. It is invalid and the same dialog pops up repeatedly.
Please advise what is wrong with my configuration. Thx.
Vivek, I believe I almost get it. The reason that <a>1</a> from the first B-set is rejected is because there is <x>1</x> following in the 2nd B-set. In other words, "following" does not stop at the B-set, it stops at the end of file. Please confirm my understanding is correct. Thanks.
Thanks... but I still have doubts on the first part of the logic. - //a[not(following::x=.)].
Following Roseanne's suggestion, I interpret the logic as: Select all a elements which have x in its following axis and the node value of x does not equal to the node value of a.
My answer: 1 (from 1st B-set) 3 2 3 (from 2nd B-set). But the correct answer is 3 2 3 only!!
May be my interpretation is wrong!! Please help.
I would appreciate if someone could explain the following expression in plain English, if possible:
- select="//a[not(following::x=.)] | //x[not(preceding::a=.)] "
- select="//a[not(preceding::a=.)]" - (e.g. select unique value of a ??)
source: Whizlabs
Thank you for the prompted response. I got it now.
An XPath expression returns "hello" in a text node when the expression is processed on an XML document. The XML document is well-formed and valid, but does not contain "hello". Which of the following BEST explains the situation?
a. The axis is incorrectly specified.
b. The XSLT processor resolved the entity references.
c. An incorrect relative location path is specified with respect to the current context node.
d. There is a missing "/" at the end of the location path.
e. There is a missing "@" somewhere in the location path.
Single Select - Please select the best answer (one and only one choice must be selected).
Ans: b? C is more logical!
Which of the following would raise an error if the empID attribute's data type were defined as type ID in the DTD?
a. <name empID="17563">Joe Smith</name>
b. <name empID="ft:17563">Joe Smith</name>
c. <name empID="a17563">Joe Smith</name>
d. <name empID="">Joe Smith</name> Multiple
Select - Please select all of the correct answers (this question has 2 correct choices). Ans: a, d. - please explain.