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This soul began to dwell in this body named Ganesh Patekar since 31/07/1987 in Solapur, Maharashtra, India.
Being youngest child in the family had happy childhood but I was also an obstinate kid As days go by I became more amiable.
I had persuaded Bachelors of computer application( BCA, Batch 2007-10 ) from Sinhgad College of Science, Pune. I’m so greedy about learning so couldn’t stop there so persuaded Master of computer application ( MCA ) from Sinhgad Institute of Management, Pune. I used to act as emcee and compare in college events. Those were the best days of life.
I really adore to learn new things. I always eager to write a beautiful code I enjoy visiting natural places near by Pune on weekends.
I’m passionate about maintaining good physic so I do yoga, pranayama and workout regularly because I think, health is wealth.
Pune, Maharashtra, India.
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Will you please mention the page number?  this is from OCA SE 8 by Sybex book ?

by the way i moved your topic from OCPJP forum to appropriate OCAJP 8 forum.
Here one and two are reference variables of type String. These variables stores the reference ( address of an object in memory where it's located or stored after creation).

In our case on line 4 an object of type String having value "a" is created, assume whose reference value is 1020 in memory which gets stored in reference variable one. Now one = 1020.

Same way on line 5 another String object having value "b" is created, assume it's address is 1150 in memory that reference value is stored in reference variable two.

Now we have one = 1020 and two = 1150. Therefore ( before line 6 ) we say reference variable one points or refers to an object of String type having value "a" and reference variable two points or refers to an object of String type having value "b".

On line 6 one = two; here = is an assignment operator syntactically right-associative which assign right side value to left side variable, it's like one = 1150 so now reference variable one as well as two having reference value 1150 i.e. one = 1150 and two = 1150 which is the address of String object having value "b" hence both reference variable one and two points or refers to String object having value "b" (before line 8).

See if that helps.
4 days ago
That's awesome, Congratulations Jeanne  
2 weeks ago
Just to avoid copyright infringement, will you please quote the resource? where did the question come from?
1 month ago
Welcome and congratulations Piet !!  
1 month ago
Congratulations everyone  
1 month ago
Apology not active since long time and didn't notice the thread topic. Stephan explained correct except you can have max two red resolved dots, here is the list of meanings of Topic Icons. See if that helps.
1 month ago
Please don't create multiple threads for the same topic, better continue here Go through --> PatienceIsAVirtue
Welcome to Coderanch  and congratulations for the new book.    
2 months ago
Go ahead, I think you can now.

Randy Tong wrote:Ic..thanks ya

You're welcome
2 months ago
Since your question is about this site i moved your topic from Android to Ranch Office forum, dedicated for such issues.

Randy Tong wrote:The post reply button appear now.

Good to know that

Look at the top left corner of that topic in your screenshot it didn't have any forum assigned to it so i added that topic to Android which resolved the issue for now. I wasn't in touch with the forum but it appears known bug. I'm sure smart brains are working behind to resolve the bug.
2 months ago